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No matter where you live, these stunning indoor swimming pools provide aquatic retreats that are as beautiful as they are practical. Swim, exercise, play, and relax – at home.  Get inspired by these home fitness pool installations so you can start planning your own personal home oasis.

Get Inspired by These 5 Indoor Swimming Pools

1. Home Gym Addition

This homeowner thought of everything when they planned their home gym addition. The room is large enough to house their favorite exercise equipment. There is plenty of space for gym equipment on one end and a fitness pool on the other so they can workout on the land or in the water.  Did you know that aquatic exercise is an ideal way to exercise? The properties of water – buoyancy, viscosity, and hydrostatic pressure – combine to create the ultimate workout environment.  Exercise harder in the water and achieve stellar results with limited joint stress.

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2. Mountain Sanctuary

This large fitness pool has multiple zones to workout, swim, or just relax. One side of the pool there is a 99-speed water current. On the other side, there is a deep well for non-weightbearing exercises, still water to play and have fun, and an integrated treadmill. For the ultimate running workout, these homeowners crank up the treadmill and run against the current.

indoor swimming pools

3. Effortless Entry

The beauty of this pool is its clever installation. The pool is a self-supporting fiberglass unit which makes it easy to install above ground, in-ground, or partially above ground. All the pool needed for installation was a level slab. Once installed, the owners built steps up to the pool for easy access and for lounging around the pool’s perimeter. indoor swimming pools

4. Simple Serenity

A serene white room and a clear blue pool.  That’s all this homeowner needs for his daily swim and workout.  Because of this fitness pool’s wide and deep current, there’s no need for additional gym equipment. When this homeowner finishes his laps, he gets in a full-body workout against the adjustable water current to vary his daily routine.  Check out this pool’s multiple depths for even more exercise variation.

indoor swimming pools

5. All-In-One Family Fun and Fitness

This multi-purpose fitness pool makes it easy for the whole family to play and exercise together.  The seats in the back are great for relaxation. The water current can be programmed to accommodate any ability level.

indoor swimming poolsAre you ready to create your own aquatic gym oasis. Try our easy pool selector. Answer a few simple questions and find out what pool is just right for you.

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