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Those of you who have been following me know that I finished an Ironman in Coeur D’ Alene (IMCDA) in late June and that I am into my ironman recovery and need to rebuild in time to race Ironman Lake Tahoe in September. This is the first time that I have tried to train for a new race after completing an Ironman and it has been quite a challenge. At 47 I don’t recover as fast as the younger folks and figuring out how much to train and how soon to start building distance has been quite a challenge. Overall in July I ran 85 miles, biked 400 mil096es and swam 13,600 yards.

To put this in perspective, 2 weeks after the IMCDA I went on a 25 mile bike ride at an easy pace and then had to take a 3 hour nap afterwards just to get through the day. It typically takes folks 6 weeks to recover from an Ironman, so rebuilding so quickly has, as I said been a new experience for me.

Also, I have been on vacation with the family, so catching Large Mouth Bass, waterskiing and other important family activities needed to be fit in as well as moving tons of rock to protect the shoreline of my mother’s cabin at the lake. Another challenge was that after driving from California to Wisconsin I am now in Boulder Co which is 5000 feet higher in elevation than Wisconsin. That much elevation gain adds a lot to the workouts.

Today I volunteered at IM Boulder so tomorrow I can register for next year’s Ironman here. For many of these races you need to register on location a year in advance to be able to race. Given the temperatures today, it is likely that next year will also be very hot. Today even the professionals were dumping pounds of ice down the front of their shirts to try to avoid heatstroke. But for now, I have 5 weeks to recover and get back into decent shape before attempting Ironman Lake Tahoe, the hardest Ironman on earth. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading. Stephen Bratton, proud SwimEx owner.