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Stephen workouts with swim ladders in his SwimExJanuary went by fast. I hope everyone is keeping their New Year’s resolutions! For me, I hit every training session: first my ironman swim training 24,500 yards, biking 552 miles and running 115 miles. I am also on target with weight loss, losing 8 pounds in January. Although, the weight always comes off so much slower than it goes on!

Ironman Texas is roughly 15 weeks away. It seems long, but in training time it is pretty close. I continued to stretch out my workouts with a long swim of 3100 yards, long bike ride of 75 miles and long run of 12 miles. I focused on swim ladders of 50 yards. I set my SwimEx speed at 64 and increased the speed every 50 yards until I reached speed 75, and then went back down again. As the workouts get longer, it gets harder to work on speed. In February I will try stretching out my ladder workouts by increasing the speed every 100 yards. The goal is to eventually inch up my comfortable, sustainable swim pace over the whole race distance of 2.4 miles.Swim Ladders in a SwimEx

Ironman winter training has its challenges, but I have to say it’s so nice to be able to swim any hour of the day. Between working full time and my children’s activities, I fit training in whenever I can. The really great thing about the speed meter on the SwimEx is that I can hit exact paces on each portion of my workout and increase the swim speed very gradually. I also really like that when I do swim drills I don’t have to worry about being in someone’s way as sometimes happens at public swimming pools. I find that in a lot of pools winter lap swim periods are not long enough to get in the bigger workouts that I will need over the next several months.

Swim Ladders in a SwimEx

Anyway, stay tuned to see how the training goes as I prepare for Ironman Texas. It will be here in no time.

Stephen Bratton