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Ironman Swimming Made Easy

February 25, 2014 / by

We recently asked one of our long time owners if he would be kind enough to write about his experience with his SwimEx pool. What he wrote back was motivational and hopefully inspiring to anyone trying to get in shape or reach a goal. Stay tuned for next month’s journal!

“Yes, I continue to use the SwimEx for training for Ironmans. So far I have swum roughly 1,427,650 yards which is 811 miles or about 475 hours of swimming in my Swimex with no problems at all mechanically. I actually swam a hard 2000 yard interval set last night. I have completed 4 full Ironman distance races including IMCDA, Vineman (twice) and IMLT as well as 5 half ironman distance races and some shorter races. This year I am training for two Ironmans doing IMCDA and IMLT. My dream is to one day compete in the world championship Ironman at Kona.

Before the age of 40 I had no training in any of the three sports and did not even know how to swim freestyle. I am a typical person, not born with any great talent in any of the three sports, no access to coaches, but I believe through hard work over a 15 to 20 year period, day in and day out that I will obtain that goal. So far I have burned roughly 2,000,000 calories in workouts and racing. At my age qualifying for Kona typically means being in the top 60 in the world and then placing first or second in an Ironman event in that given year and then recovering in time to race again at Kona.

ironman swimmingI live in a small town of 3000 people and the town pool is only open for lap swim 1 hour at a time twice a day for 5 weeks out of the year. I can’t get in a 5000 yard swim in 1 hour. After the pool closed I had to swim in the closest lake which is 40 miles away, but one day in late fall when I was walking through the snow to go for my swim at 5:00 am before work I realized that I had to look for another way to keep my swimming strong in the winter. You should have seen the look on the fisherman’s face when I walked past him through the snow into the 45F water and swam around the lake. After that I was driving 100 miles each way to get to the closest pool that is open year round and then again was running into limited swim time before the pool closed at night. With the SwimEx I can swim at home saving me 9+ hours of drive time per week. I also like the visual speed display that lets me pick exact speeds for my workout. There is no dropping off with your swim pace because the current does not slow down when you get tired.

None of this would be possible without my SwimEx. You just can’t get in shape to do a 2.4 mile swim and come out of the lake fresh enough to then hit the 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run hard afterwords unless you can swim year round. I work full time as a School Psychologist, have 5 children and workout up to 30 hours a week. Thank you for building such a quality product to help make things more manageable.

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