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Ironman training requires dedication, grit, and endurance. To hit the typical weekly training distance of 30 miles of running, 200 miles of cycling, and seven miles of swimming, you need the time to train. Here’s where a home pool gives you an advantage.

For the majority of ironman athletes who are parents and work full-time, fitting in training and recovery is a challenge.  Having your own swim spa makes working out and recovery after workouts much easier. Let’s dive into how you can step up your ironman training and recovery with a home pool.

ironman training


Top on the list of home swim spa benefits are convenience and saving time, but did you know you can also customize the experience to fit your training preferences.

SwimEx swim spas have 99 different speed settings. You can increase the current force to give yourself a hard workout, or slow the current for your longer swims. Check out the Swim Calculator to determine your pace based on the current setting.

Head out for your run, then get in the pool for a swim session. Or just stay in the pool and run against the current before transitioning to a swim. Set the water to a temperature that is comfortable for you. You can even mimic the same water temperature where you’ll be competing at your next Ironman.

You’re goal is to spend the most time you can training. The last thing you want it to tack on additional time caring for a traditional home pool. Luckily, a fiberglass swim spa with paddlewheel technology gives you all the benefits of a pool workout without all the headaches. Swim spas make a big impact in a small space. Plus they are easier to heat, cost less to run, and the Gelcoat finish on a fiberglass pool requires less maintenance.


ironman training

Running underwater benefits the body in a variety of ways. The most important factor is that water running provides the same workout as running on land, but without the stress and pounding on muscles and joints. You can even increase the intensity of the run by adjusting the swim spa current speed. This will bump up your fitness level, but won’t escalate any nagging injuries.

Water running can be particularly useful for athletes prone to shin splints and other recurring pains. Shin splints are often a result of adding on too much mileage or varying surfaces too soon. Getting in the pool to finish or add on to your run afterwards is an easy solution for building up your mileage while taking the pressure off your legs.

There are many different types of underwater treadmills, from those that are integrated right in the swim spa to treadmills that are simply dropped into any pool.

If you don’t have an underwater treadmill, most swim spas are shallow enough for you to run in place without a treadmill as long as the current is strong enough. If the swim spa is deep enough, another option is to get a flotation belt and aqua jog without touching the bottom of the pool.


A stationary bike can be a lifesaver for Ironman athletes. While training outside can be more enjoyable, a good ride depends on a lot of factors. First there’s the weather, then getting your equipment ready, filling water bottles, fixing bike tires, and possibly waiting around for your group or partner.

The next time your training buddy cancels on a bike ride or you want to give your sore legs a rest, try an aqua bike. Water creates hydrostatic pressure that helps increase your circulation and blood flow. This causes legs to feel lighter and reduces muscle soreness, making it ideal for logging those miles with sore legs.

Additional benefits of using an aqua bike include:

  • Increased Resistance – Get a better workout with less stress on joints – The water creates more resistance than biking on land. This improves muscle strength and endurance.
  • No Spinal Fatigue – Less pressure on the spine due to the weightlessness of water.
  • Increased Cooling – The pool will keep you cooler on hot days.
  • Comfortable – Bike without leaving your home – Don’t forget to put on some music while you workout!

Transform your bike training by moving from the land to the water. An easy choice for athletes looking to cut down on preparation and training time as well as injuries.


A major benefit of having a hydrotherapy pool is that you have a powerful recovery tool right in your backyard, basement. or workout room! The water temperature can be adjusted just like the current. Warm water therapy can soothe and loosen tight muscles, while cold water helps muscles recover right after a workout.

Flush out all that lactic acid with an easy recovery workout in the pool. Take a light swim or aqua jog at just 65-80% intensity. This will stimulate recovery in your muscles, and prevent soreness the next day.

Hopefully you don’t get injured while training or competing, but if you do, a swim spa will allow you to rehabilitate as quickly as possible, and get you back to training fast. The different current speeds let you work your way up to maximum fitness level.


Forget about renewing that gym membership – A home swim spa creates the perfect aquatic environment for both ironman cross training and rehabilitation. Even if you don’t own a home pool, take advantage of the power of water to transform your workout and recovery routine. Go ahead and take the quick quiz to figure out what swim spa model best fits your needs.

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