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“We don’t just love our Swimex – it has changed our family’s lives for the better,” says Leon Peeters who, with his wife Monique, purchased a SwimEx in 2009 to help manage Osteoarthritis Treatment with Aquatic Therapy.
500OS SwimEx Pool“At first I wasn’t sure the pool was the right choice for us,” says Leon recalling his first visit to the SwimEx showroom. “I remember thinking then that I didn’t need a test swim because I didn’t like swimming. Well, that has changed.” Today, both Leon and Monique use the pool regularly.

Monique Peters shows her whole cloth quilt.Monique Peters shows her whole cloth quilt.

“We enjoy it immensely,” he says, “and my wife uses water workouts to help combat her arthritis.”

An avid quilter, Monique says that exercising in the SwimEx makes it possible for her to continue creating the stunning quilts shown here. The quilt on the bed was pieced members of the Naperville Riverwalk Quilt Guild, and quilted by Monique. Above the bed and to the right are examples of her “whole cloth” quilting.


A "sneak peak" at a quilt that was pieced by Monique and members of the Naperville Riverwalk quilt guild. Above the bed hangs an example of her "whole cloth" quilting.

The Peeters purchased a SwimEx 500OS. They feel this model fits their lifestyle. In addition, they like the side water channels that allow for a greater water depth, faster counter-current pool water speeds, and come with two built-in seats.

“The side channels make an ideal platform for us to exercise,” Leon says. “Even better, our two grandchildren, seven and four years old, love to stand and rest on them — not that they need much rest!”



Leon Monique and the grandkids "make waves." and Monique’s grandchildren have pool time whenever they come to visit, and each swim period includes what they call “the waves.” This is when Monique joins the kids in the pool and they play in the SwimEx water current. With up to 99 speeds, that makes for great fun!

Monique and the grandkids “make waves.”

“Clearly, your founder’s [Everett Pearson’s] implementation of the swim spa is the absolute best,” says Leon, “and we hope to enjoy our pool for many years to come.”