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athletic training

Swim Spa is used for rehab and athletic training for this Olympian

February 6, 2014 / by
With the first competition day of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia beginning on the Feb. 7th, NBC premiered the Olympic primetime special How to Raise an Olympian, on Wednesday, Feb. 5. American short-track speedskater J.R. Celski, who was featured in the special, rehabilitated in a SwimEx pool...
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swim spa lap pool

Swim Spa Review: 10 year testimonial

December 10, 2013 / by
We do enjoy a swim spa review from our customers. Especially homeowners who have had their SwimEx pool for over ten years! “We have had our SwimEx for ten years now and it still runs like the day it was installed. The water is still smooth and clean and the...
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steve harvey takes spin on an aquabike

November 29, 2013 / by
One of our favorite exercise tools for ultra fitness is the aquabike! The Aqua Bike features five levels of resistance with a light-weight stainless steel design, adjustable seat and handlebars that enables both aerobic and muscle conditioning in a stress-free aquatic environment. Steve Harvey recently used one on his show for...
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above ground pools

Above ground pools making a splash in Dallas

/ by
Swim spas make ideal above ground pools. And this pool is making a big splash in Dallas. “It’s been seven months since we started exercising in our SwimEx, and I am still swimming and exercising five days a week,” says this homeowner, who affectioinately calls her SwimEx pool enclosure the “boat...
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swim spa benefits

Swim Spa Research

August 18, 2013 / by
Get your goose bumps ready! Sometimes we come across a YouTube video featuring a SwimEx pool that has us saying “cool” – but this one is frigid! When Portsmouth University in England decided to research the swim spa benefits and the effects of cold water immersion, a few jumped (in)...
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swimex swim spa

This SwimEx Swim spa takes to the open seas

October 9, 2012 / by
SwimEx pools are everywhere—in houses, hospitals, professional team training facilities, veterinarian clinics and physical therapy centers. And in 2013, a SwimEx 500 S will be sitting on the deck of one of the world’s most beautiful super yachts.  Famed Italian ship builder Perini Navi is installing a SwimEx 500 S...
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customer swim spa review

Swim Spa Reviews

July 14, 2012 / by
We often hear how happy our SwimEx customers are with their pools. We thought we would share their swim spa reviews and comments. “We are so proud of our SwimEx pool. It has been such a phenomenal success and has gone way beyond our expectations. We are booked solid and...
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swimex swim spas

swimex in china

June 9, 2012 / by
SwimEx is making headlines for its entry into the Chinese market with sale of our largest therapeutic swimming pool to a hospital in Shaghai. Here’s the excerpt from the Fall River Herald: “A company in the city’s industrial park is expanding its market in a big way. SwimEx Inc. announced...
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swim spa installation

Swim spa installation: how to video

April 12, 2012 / by
One of our most common questions from customers, “how do you install a SwimEx pool?” To help answer the swim spa installation question, we posted videos on our website that demonstrate the process. Here’s an example of a commercial installation from start to finish: COMMERCIAL INSTALLATION Our team of qualified field...
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