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Spa Pool Deck Installation

September 10, 2018 / by

SwimEx owners Seth and Valerie Yellin from Atlanta are proud owners of their second SwimEx Triton spa pool. The couple bought their first Triton pool in 2015. Last year when they sold their house, the pool was a selling point and the new owners wanted to keep it. So, the Yellins bought another SwimEx for their new home.

Why They Chose the Triton Spa Pool

“After using the Triton for 2 years we decided to move and the most important decision in our new home was where to put my new swim spa. I took the opportunity to swim in a variety of swim spas before deciding that the Triton was once again my top choice,” says Seth Yellin, MD, FACS, Founder & Director, Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetics Center.

According to the Yellins, they felt cramped when they swam in other lap pools. When Valerie swam breast stroke, her legs hit the sides of other well-known swim spa pools. Seth felt the Triton current was stronger, had a much smoother flow, and was roomier.  They realized they couldn’t replicate the SwimEx experience.  In the end, nothing came close to SwimEx quality and the SwimEx water current.

The Perfect Pool for Their Home Design

Once the couple decided to buy another SwimEx Triton, the next challenge was to make sure the pool blended in with their new home’s architectural style. They kept the pool interior very simple and focused on the pool surround. The picture on the left is of the house before adding the pool below the second floor deck. The picture on the right is the deck addition with the pool.

fitness pool

The couple seamlessly matched the new pool area with the home’s exterior to create a pool room that fits in perfectly with their design aesthetic.

spa pool

This pool installation is an above ground installation. Once the homeowners build a flat level slab for the pool to sit on, the pool was put in place, and they build the deck around it. Here is the lattice work surround and the pool under the decking.

small pool

The homeowners chose an automatic pool cover (left) for safety, insulation, and to keep it clean.  This easy-to-operate cover opens and closes with a switch. They built a chemical closet (middle) near the pool for easy access.  For exercise efficiency, they chose the SwimEx EDGE monitor (right) to program personalized workouts and accurately time swim sessions.
swim spa

Daily Swimming and Exercise – At Home

“I have been committed to fitness since I was a teenager and have been swimming on and off for many years. However, as a facial plastic surgeon who spends hours everyday hunched over while operating, my back was beginning to inform me that I was getting older. It became apparent that I needed to swim daily to feel my best. After considering many options, I selected the SwimEx Triton pool as my solution to maintaining strength and flexibility. When I finish with my swimming work-out, my back feels wonderful. I still mix it up with other weight bearing exercises, but swimming year-round has been my elixir of youth,” says Seth.

“I will close by saying what I tell my patients. Do some form of physical activity daily. If you have 10 minutes to spare, make it count. If you have an hour get wet in your Triton pool. You will live a healthier life,” says Seth.

To learn more about Swim Spas and how to pick the best pool for your lifestyle, download this free guide.

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