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swim spa dinner

dinner and a swim

February 20, 2014 / by
One of our customers in Philadelphia had a custom (and solid!) pool cover made out of the same material as the room’s flooring. The cover is flush with the floor and can be walked on. This enables the pool room to be used a multipurpose room. It is an ingenious... Read More
swim spa lap pool

Swim Spa Review: 10 year testimonial

December 10, 2013 / by
We do enjoy a swim spa review from our customers. Especially homeowners who have had their SwimEx pool for over ten years! “We have had our SwimEx for ten years now and it still runs like the day it was installed. The water is still smooth and clean and the... Read More
above ground pools

Above ground pools making a splash in Dallas

November 29, 2013 / by
Swim spas make ideal above ground pools. And this pool is making a big splash in Dallas. “It’s been seven months since we started exercising in our SwimEx, and I am still swimming and exercising five days a week,” says this homeowner, who affectioinately calls her SwimEx pool enclosure the “boat... Read More
aquatic rehabilitation

Aquatic rehabilitation helps this baby boomer

December 8, 2011 / by
“This is just like having a spa in your house!” Karen Hurvitz.  Karen is another happy SwimEx customer who installed a swim spa in her Concord, Massachusetts home. It was also a great aquatic rehabilitation tool when she tore her ACL. Karen’s first experience with a swim-in-place pool was during... Read More