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Well 2014 was quite a ride – ups and downs – but all in all a very good year. My 2014 triathlon training totals were: Swimming, 255,774 yards (in my SwimEx); Bike, 5,414 miles; and Run, 1,279 miles. That translates into 108 hours of swimming, 297 hours of biking and 194 hours of running for a total of 330,000 calories burned or close to 100 pounds. It really looks quite overwhelming when you put it all together, but it starts with just waking up each day and deciding to get the workouts done for that day. Most people could do the same, but it does take time to build up to the distance and it takes a ton of just-get-it-done attitude.

Last year I wanted to complete 2 Ironmans in one year, but the heartbreaking cancellation of Ironman Lake Tahoe while I was standing on the beach 5 minutes before race start cut me short. This year I hope to accomplish that goal.

It’s now 2015, and while I am off to a pretty good start, fitness comes back more slowly at 47 years old than it did when I was 40. My swim training is coming along well. Check out the picture of my new Finis swim paddles that keep my forearms and wrists straight in the water for a high elbow catch.

Triathlon Training Schedule in a SwimEx Pool

My main focus in swimming right now is getting back in shape and building a little speed. In November my long swim was 1600 yards at a comfortable SwimEx swim speed set at 60. In December my long swim was 2200 yards with a comfortable SwimEx speed of 63. To build speed I am doing swim ladders. I repeat 50 yard sets starting at a speed setting of 63 and then increase it every time up to a speed setting of 74 and then back down to 63 again. For January I will be increasing the swim distance while continuing to focus on form at the faster speeds. In February I hope to start doing longer intervals, doing 100 yard intervals instead of 50 yard intervals to try to maintain the faster speeds.
I am having fun, getting back in shape and anticipating the May Ironman in Texas which will be here in no time.

Stay tuned to see how things progress.

Stephen Bratton