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There’s never been a better time to work out in the water. Hydrotherapy is a low impact workout with high impact results. And here are the top reasons why water workouts work.

  1. Water’s wWater Runningeightlessness equals less joint stress
  2. Less joint stress means less pain
  3. Less pain leads to more effective workouts
  4. More effective workouts build strength and endurance
  5. Strength and endurance equal well-being for a healthy life

“Most aquatic exercise or therapy takes place with the water at chest level. To achieve the health benefits of this positive approach to well-being you don’t even have to know how to swim,” says Jaeson Kawadler, senior physical therapist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital specializing in biomechanics, orthopedic injuries, and aquatic therapy. Kawadler works regularly with patients in the aquatic therapy room. He sees his patients progress faster through the therapy process when they get in the water. “The best thing about aquatic fitness is that anyone can do it!”

Water Plank in a SwimExWater’s zero-impact environment is ideal for getting in shape or recover from an injury. Exercises in the water provide up to 15 times more resistance that the same exercises on land. And stretching out tight muscles is much easier because of the way water’s buoyancy helps improve range of motion.

Aquatic fitness and therapy gives people the confidence, strength, and support to perform proper mechanics that help them continue exercising and stay fit for life.


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