Training and Conditioning

Training and Conditioning


Coaches at every level of competition understand the virtues of SwimEx as a superior training machine. SwimEx provides a close-up view of a swimmer’s form from every conceivable angle – the front, side, back and even below the surface through underwater windows and cameras. This advantage lets coaches instruct, correct, and review their swimmers as they swim.

The SwimEx paddlewheel current is the strongest and most advanced swim-in-place current on the market.  The paddlewheel generates a pool-width wide wall of water.  It circulates up to 25,000 gallons per minute, can run as deep as 30” (76 cm), and has 99 speeds to accommodate swimmers of all ability levels.  Competitive athletes, recreational swimmers, and triathletes around the world use SwimEx to achieve a superior swimming experience.

The below graph charts swim speeds in the SwimEx 600 series pools.

lap pool 

Water workouts are a superior form of exercise. There is minimal stress on joints and muscles and 15x more resistance than the same exercises on land. The is also minimal risk of joint injury.

SwimEx cold plunge pools are the perfect tool for post practice recovery. Our hot plunge pools help loosen muscles for better rehab and conditioning. During intense exercise, muscles experience microtraumas or tiny tears within individual muscle fibers. When microtraumas occur they trigger an increase in cell activity which generates muscle fiber repair. Over a period of time and with repetition, this process helps strengthen muscles. Read more here.

There’s nothing worse for an athlete than being sidelined by an injury. Aquatic therapy gives you a chance to rest and rehab overused muscles in the nearly weightless environment of chest-deep water. You can continue to workout at an intense level without risking further damage.  You can maintain sports fitness levels even with injured or fatigued muscles. The properties of water: hydrostatic pressure, buoyancy, and viscosity let an athlete continue training as they heal.


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