Ultimate Guide to Designing a Hydrotherapy Room for Athletes


You understand the benefits of hydrotherapy for your athletes, but where do you start?

Our ultimate guide will help you plan and design a hydrotherapy room for your facility quickly and effectively using best practices from SwimEx experts.

the questions you need to ask

We answer the 7 key questions you need to ask before planning your hydrotherapy room: 

  1. Who will use my aquatic facility?
  2. What are my expected athlete/patient outcomes?
  3. Where will the hydrotherapy room be located?
  4. What space will I have for the hydrotherapy area?
  5. How will I accommodate ancillary facilities/equipment?
  6. How do I determine maintenance?
  7. What is my estimated budget/funding for the project?

crucial steps you need to take

We cover the 7 crucial steps involved in designing a hydrotherapy room – from start to finish:

  1. Research and choose your products
  2. Hire an architect or contractor
  3. Design the space
  4. Purchase the hydrotherapy equipment
  5. Construction
  6. Technical and clinical in-service hydrotherapy training
  7. Establish communication with your supplier’s support and service team