Ultimate Swim Spa Pool Guide: What to Buy and Why

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We think you deserve the best pool you can get, one that suits your home and your lifestyle.

For 30 years, SwimEx has designed and built superior swim spas, fitness pools, and plunge pools

that stand the test of time.

A family-run business, we take pride in the service we offer our customers.


• The exclusive SwimEx paddlewheel technology offers the deepest, widest, and smoothest current flow on the market. And with 99 water speed settings, a SwimEx swim spa can accommodate all ability levels – from competitive athletes to recreational swimmers.
• SwimEx pools are built to last and easy to maintain. Made of fiberglass with a balsa wood core for insulation, SwimEx swim spas are low maintenance with no liners to replace.
• Customers are often surprised by how quiet our propulsion system is! Noise levels are at a minimum with are quick and efficient electric motor.
• Every pool is built to your specifications with countless custom options so it looks great in your home and meets your specific exercise needs.
• Our commitment extends beyond installation. We are always available for any questions or service, no matter how long you’ve owned your pool.

“I have to admit the SwimEx 400 has been one of the most reliable products we have ever purchased. It stays warm all year, it is very easy to maintain (a cup of chlorine once a week) and the paddlewheel keeps on turning. Just change the oil once a year and it is good to go.” – Carl and Shari, proud SwimEx owners since 2007.