SwimEx Ultimate Swim Spa Pool Guide

What to buy and why

ultimate swim spa pool guide cover

What questions do you need to ask before buying a swim spa?

Our ultimate guide covers your key considerations, as well as the advantages of owning a small pool with a water current feature.

What will I learn?

Swim spa advantages 

Swim spas offer more function in a smaller footprint. We look at the top 4 advantages of a swim spa.

Installation tips

When you consider a swim spa, it’s important to weigh the price of the pool against installation options and final cost. We walk through your options.

Pool and room design

A successful swim spa installation depends as much on room design as it does on the chosen swim spa model. We look at flooring/deck construction, drains, and pool covers.

Water currents

Jets, propellers or a paddlewheel – which is right for you?

Fabrication options

The construction material you choose for your pool determines so much. We compare acrylic, vinyl liner, fiberglass and gunite pools.

Pool chemicals

What type of water treatment suits your pool best?