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Hospitals and physical therapy clinics worldwide prefer SwimEx water therapy pools for rehabilitation, health, and well-being.  The pool-wide current gives practitioners the ability to consistently measure progress from one session to the next for accurate billing. With 99 adjustable speeds, tailor treatment plans based on the client’s abilities for specific outcomes. Successfully treat common health conditions.  Achieve a positive ROI and high patient satisfaction with SwimEx hydrotherapy pools.

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  • “Our SwimEx 600T pool offers a diversity of low impact, high resistance aquatic therapies in both areas of Occupational and Physical Therapy. The SwimEx water current creates an ideal environment for strength training and functional activities during all phases of the rehabilitation program.”
  • “Using the SwimEx pool validates what we are able to do for patients. When we see success stories we can pass it along and be able to empower and motivate others. It has been a learning experience for my staff to see people truly benefit from what they are doing and inspire others.”
    Radske-Suchan YMCA Healthy Living Center


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