Why choose a SwimEx Pool?

Infinitely better than a basic lap pool, a SwimEx swim spa or aquatic therapy pool can keep you in shape and speed up your rehabilitation.

All about the flow

SwimEx sets the standard in resistance pools. Our proprietary paddlewheel proposulsion system delivers the smoothest, deepest and widest waterflow and circulates up to 30,000 gallons of water per minute. The variable speed laminar flow creates a current strong enough to challenge even the biggest athletes and gentle enough to sooth arthritic joints.

Pioneers in fiberglass

Built to last and easy to maintain, SwimEx pools were developed by the leaders in fiberglass technology. We use a panel construction the same as modern aircraft and high performance yachts.

Custom options

Each pool is tailor made for you, the client. Put your pool indoors or outdoors; find the right pool colors, water depths, finishes, and flooring to enhance your SwimEx experience. Add versatility to your rehabilitation and conditioning programs with the many custom features available.

It all adds up to a better workout and better therapy.

SwimEx vs. Endless Pools

A SwimEx pool is built to last while an Endless Pool recommends a replacement motor every 3 to 5 years. Learn more

Lap Pools
SwimEx vs. Lap Pools

Traditional lap pools can't compare to a SwimEx pool. Plus, they are a lot harder to maintain. Learn more

Leslie Breaststroke
SwimEx vs. Michael Phelps

Compare the SwimEx quality of construction, UV resistant gelcoat surface, and water flow. Learn more

Compact Design

Why install a full-size lap pool that takes up a lot of space and requires a lot of maintenance? SwimEx pools are compact by design. Learn more

Low Maintenance

Four piece multi-depth, adjustable to depths of 38 inches (95.5cm) and 50 inches (127cm) with eight distinct workout stations. Learn more

Paddlewheel Current

No other swim-in-place or therapy pool comes close to the smooth, laminar water counter-current generated from the SwimEx Paddlewheel! Learn more

SwimEx vs. Hydroworx

A SwimEx pool is far more versatile than a limited Hydroworx pool. Learn more

SwimEx vs. Jetted Spas

Compare SwimEx swim-in-place pools to jetted swim spas. You'll see there is no comparison! Learn more

Fiberglass Construction

SwimEx pools are manufactured of superior fiberglass composite construction and built to the highest quality! Learn more


In-place swimming, aquatic exercise & therapy, health condition treatment, relaxation and entertainment! SwimEx pools do it all! Learn more

Our History

Dreaming of a wider, deeper current and a better workout, two MIT engineers set out to create the best quality swim spa ever made. Learn more

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