Swim Spa Installation

One of the great advantages of a swim spa over a full-sized pool is that swim spas can be installed virtually anywhere. Once the space is prepared, a swim spa pool can be installed in a few days. It all depends on what you want for the finished look.

How is a SwimEx pool installed?

Our residential pools can be installed indoors, outdoors, above ground, in-ground, or partially in-ground. Can you put a swim spa on a deck? Absolutely! See a selection of pool installations our residential customers have created.

We can ship your pool to you all assembled and install it exactly where you require it with a crane. If you don’t have open access to receive the pool in one piece, it can be assembled on site by your contractor following our manual, or by our partner installation company. Many of our pool models are available in sectional designs.

Your SwimEx pool is pre-plumbed so you only have to make simple PVC connections to the filtration equipment. You need a drain or sump pump to drain the pool, and a source of water to fill the pool.

On average, the electrical service needed is 115 Amps, 208–240 V single-phase. For installations outside North America, contact us for electrical requirements.

From your first inquiry through choosing your pool and its options, a SwimEx team member is with you every step of the way. Our design engineers can help guide you, your architect, and your contractors with space layouts, CAD drawings, technical information and code adherence.

For professional pool installations, we provide full design and engineering support to help you create a hydrotherapy room for your facility.

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SwimEx swim spa installation videos

residential pool installs

Inground installation (outdoor):

Above ground installation:

New construction:

Installation by crane:

Professional Pool InstalLS

Installation sequence:

Commercial pool installation:

One-piece plunge tank:

1000T pool installation:

Hydrotherapy room installation:

SwimEx swim spa installation FAQs

12’ x 20’ (3.66 m x 6.1 m) for most models.
18’ x 25’ (5.49 m x 7.62 m) for the 1000 model.
This includes a drain or sump pump. If adding extensions, the pit/slab needs to increase in size.

Yes, the foam pads are supplied and are located between the two layers of shrink wrap when the pool ships. You can take off one layer of shrink wrap to remove the pads only, set the pool in place and leave the pool in the second layer of shrink wrap to keep the pool clean during construction. The foam pads should be placed on the slab as labelled. This is very important. On one-piece pools, the three reinforcement ribs should not be sitting on the foam pads. On four-piece pools, the flanges should not be sitting on the foam pads, nor should they touch the concrete slab.

It is important for the pool to sit on a flat level concrete pad for the water flow to work optimally.

Yes, it is the customer/installer’s responsibility to remove the SwimEx from the truck. This can be accomplished via a crane, forklift or lull truck, depending on your site. We have installers who can handle this for you.

All SwimEx pools come standard with a heater, filtration pump and filter.

No, this is supplied by the installer/electrician/plumber. SwimEx does provide shut-off valves for all inlet and outlet fittings.

70 Amps for paddlewheel (54 FLA)
30 Amps for heater (FLA 23)
15 Amps for pump (FLA 7.1)

At the front of the SwimEx, there is a SwimEx decal with the water fill line marked across the bottom. This is the ideal water depth. Most SwimEx units will hold 2600 or 3200 gallons.

No. Even if there is a power outage, the variable speed controller does not need adjustment.

It is possible to add a hard top cover afterwards. Call SwimEx for details.

SwimEx pools can go anywhere

swim spa installation beach

These images show crews using a large crane to help install a SwimEx pool on the rooftop of this 3-story beachfront property in Florida.

Beyond swim spa installation, at SwimEx we’re here to help you with any questions or service, no matter how long you’ve owned your pool.

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