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Our residential swim spa range includes lap pools, therapy pools and fitness pools – perfect for swimming, water workouts, rehabilitating, or just relaxing and having fun – all year round. Enjoy the ultimate small home pool from SwimEx, the world leader in fiberglass resistance pool technology.

nothing compares to a swimex

Traditional lap pools are usually one lane wide, about 3′-6′ deep and typically require a 50′ to 75′ length to make serious swimmers happy. They have nothing on a SwimEx other than size and a lot of maintenance. In a SwimEx lap pool with current, you get the same invigorating workouts as in longer pools. Even better, you can swim a mile’s worth of laps without making turn after turn to disrupt your flow.

Compact and freestanding, SwimEx swim spa models can be incorporated easily into new home or patio construction or additions at a fraction of the cost and space of full-sized swimming pools. They also cost less to heat and maintain than traditional pools.

If you’re considering investing in a resistance pool for relaxation, exercise and therapy at home, it’s important to consider three key factors:

Understand how the water flow is created. Know its strength, depth, width, and whether it’s consistent from one session to the next. The way a current is generated makes a big difference on the pool’s functionality and your quality of swim.

The best current on the market is the SwimEx paddlewheel water flow, which can accommodate any ability level – from a competitive athlete to a beginning swimmer.

Ask how the pool is built, and what are the maintenance costs? How easy is the pool to maintain now and in the future? Will it stand the test of time?

The construction method used to build small residential pools will dictate the design and cost over the lifetime of the pool. Concrete pools can be built into custom shapes, but they may not hold up as well as other material in extreme weather. Vinyl liner pools come in different shapes, but the liner needs replacing every 8-11 years. Over time, this will add to the price of the pool.

While fiberglass swim spas may in some cases be limited in shape, they are extremely durable in any weather and require the least amount of maintenance. In addition, SwimEx’s unique pool design incorporates a balsa wood core that efficiently helps to maintain water temperature.

If you want the swim spa model to complement your home design, can you customize the color? How about the interior layout? Do you want your pool to meet specific exercise needs?

The sky’s the limit for functionality with a SwimEx stationary swimming pool. Our pools fit easily into small spaces, and can be installed indoors, outside, inground, semi inground or above ground. They are easy to maintain and economical to run. They can be built and designed to complement your home.

SwimEx pools are built to last, 30+ years and counting, and are easy to maintain. Your SwimEx motor will run for decades. Our pools are a solid fiberglass composite structure, so there are no vinyl liners to replace. All pools are backed by the SwimEx warranty.

See our swim spa pool reviews to find out what our customers say about their investment in a SwimEx pool.

Swim spa cost

Our residential swim spa range starts at USD 47,900, and our residential plunge pools start at USD 18,500. Please get in touch with us for international prices.

Our residential swim spa range

Best selling lap pools, home therapy spas and fitness pools

The Triton is an affordable, entry-level option for the discerning customer who wants world-class swim spa swimming, aquatic fitness and the legendary construction excellence of a SwimEx. Spacious flat floor, rear seats, and propeller current.

The 400 Series are aquatic masterpieces offering the freedom to enjoy water exercise and resistance swimming due to their completely flat floor and maximum space, with our advanced paddlewheel technology to power the water current.

The 500 Series embodies everything that luxury exercise pools can offer, with legendary SwimEx styling. This high-performance swim spa offers extreme versatility as a home swimming pool or for water exercise and therapy. Built-in side seats, treadmill, and deep well options.

The most powerful SwimEx pool in our residential line, the 600 Series has the strongest and deepest paddlewheel current. This performance leader offers you the ultimate in swimming, aquatic exercise, and water therapy. Treadmill and deep well options.

Our 800 Series flat-bottom forever pool offers extreme versatility for swimming, aquatic therapy, or water exercises. With the option to build in a second floor level, the 800 S can be customized with variable depths, steps, benches, and an integrated treadmill.

The 1000 – our largest current pool – embodies all that a SwimEx can offer. This swimming, fitness and water therapy machine is the ultimate home pool. With room enough for workouts, side-by-side swimming, entertaining and family fun, it exceeds performance and styling standards.

Add a luxury home water feature at a smaller price tag. Indoors, outdoors, in ground or above ground, these small cold or heated pools are perfect for entertaining, exercise, and relaxation. We’ll work with you from concept to completion to help you design your dream home oasis.


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