What Makes a SwimEx Swim Spa Different?

Exclusive fiberglass swim spa construction, advanced technology, and superior service

SwimEx is known worldwide for superior pool design and unsurpassed service. From innovative construction to the most advanced water current on the market, SwimEx motion pools are powerful, effective, and quality built – for life.

10 standout SwimEx fiberglass swim spa features


The SwimEx paddlewheel flow is the smoothest, deepest, and widest water current on the market.


Insulated fiberglass shell efficiently maintains water temperature, helping to minimize expenses and eliminate costly dehumidification systems.


Solid, compact, free-standing shell allows for indoor, outdoor, above ground, partially above-ground or in-ground installations.


No liners to replace.


Gelcoat interior surface is easy to maintain and a breeze to clean.


Customize the color, length, depth and interior layout.


Adjustable current makes it possible to accurately monitor progress and measure outcomes from one pool session to the next.


Fiberglass is impervious to sun and chemicals, even with the highest commercial use.


Chemicals are easy to control. With the optional ozonator, pools can be virtually chemical-free.


All walking areas feature a non-slip surface for safe movement.

Paddlewheel swim spa: the birth of a brilliant idea

everett pearson

In 1986, fiberglass pioneer Everett Pearson acquired the SwimEx paddlewheel patents from an MIT hydrodynamicist and research team. Originally recognized for founding Pearson Yachts, this gifted entrepreneur utilized his 30 years of design experience to create the first fiberglass swim spa. Through Pearson’s brilliant ingenuity and vision, SwimEx became the leader in aquatic exercise and therapy for athletic training rooms, hospitals, physical therapy clinics, health clubs, senior communities, and private homes.

SwimEx is still owned and operated by the Pearson family.

The SwimEx paddlewheel water system combines power and performance for the most advanced resistance current on the market.

This unique system pulls water toward the rear of the pool, then propels the water back to the front of the pool through tunnels to generate a pool-width “wall of water” that can run as deep as 30″ (76 cm). It can circulate up to 25,000 gallons of water per minute in a smooth, river-like current.

Driven by an industrial electric gear motor and variable speed control system, the paddlewheel attaches directly to the pool and requires no additional support.

The paddlewheel flow gives competitive and recreational swimmers a superior aquatic swimming and exercise experience. If you love to swim, this is the most powerful motion pool on the market. And, if you’re looking to work out or need aquatic therapy for recovery and rehabilitation, our industry-exclusive paddlewheel pools are the only resistance pool models that will provide you with a complete aquatic environment for unlimited exercise routines or therapy protocols.

Find out more about why SwimEx motion pools are preferred by homeowners, and professionals.

swimex difference paddlewheel graphic


Check out the SwimEx paddlewheel in action in this video.

Unique fiberglass swim spa construction


swimex pool wall cross section

SwimEx pools are constructed with a state-of-the-art fiberglass technique similar to high-performance luxury yachts and aircraft. Layers of fiberglass, resin, and gel coat enclose a balsa wood core. There is fiberglass on each side of a balsa wood core, creating an insulated “sandwich” that forms a virtually indestructible shell.

SwimEx pools have a small footprint. They pack a powerful punch in as little as 200 square feet of space and fit virtually anywhere. They range in size from 7′6″ to 11′5″ wide (2.29m to 3.47m) and 13′6″ to 22′ long (4.11m to 6.7m). Plunge pools come in five standard sizes or can be custom built up to 45′ long and 6′ deep.

Balsa wood core

SwimEx pools have a strong balsa wood core for superior shell strength, between layers of fiberglass and resin. As our pools are free-standing and self-supporting, this extra insulated layer helps to maintain temperatures efficiently.

Gel coat surface

Fiberglass pools have no liners. This means you never have to worry about tearing a vinyl liner or the cost of replacing one. The smooth surface doesn’t need replacing and acts as a barrier against moisture absorption and algae growth. It cleans quickly, and is extremely easy to maintain.

SwimEx pool warranty

What about jetted and propeller resistance pools?

A jetted swim spa works off a pump that creates a flow by pushing water through nozzles at the front of the pool. The current is shallow, and while it looks powerful, it’s mostly air and turbulence and isn’t strong enough for swimming. Choose a jetted swim spa system if you have a limited budget and want a pool for relaxation and entertaining.

In a propeller swim spa, a propeller located at the front of the pool pushes a centralized stream of water into the pool. Propeller systems are a big step up from jets. The water current is much stronger, wider, deeper, and smoother. Choose this system if you have a bit more in your budget and you want to swim, work out, entertain, and relax.

SwimEx offers one entry-level propeller swim spa model.


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