Swim Spa Design & Inspiration

SwimEx resistance pools are designed to be beautiful, efficient, and the best part – you get the versatility and function of a full-sized pool in a much smaller footprint. The flexibility of our swim spa design enables your swim in place pool to be installed almost anywhere – indoor or outdoor, with inground, above ground, or semi inground installation options.

Complement your home with an aquatic oasis in the basement, on the porch, or in an addition such as a solarium or exercise room. Play with colors and tiles and design a pool that matches the beauty of your home – the options are inspiring!

You dream about a backyard pool for entertaining, exercise, swimming and family fun. But your backyard is small, and you wonder if it’s even possible. Absolutely! In fact, if you plan it right, you’ll have enough room for a complete outdoor entertaining space. Bring on the fire pit, lounge chairs, dining table and grill to go with your new backyard pool.

Do you want the ultimate motion pool to complement your lifestyle or for health benefits? SwimEx pools are perfect for swimming, aquatic exercise, therapy, and relaxation. Here is a gallery of SwimEx swim spa design ideas to inspire you.

Inspiring swim spa design ideas

Don’t let a small backyard prevent you from transforming your outdoor space into a dreamy oasis. The beautiful backyard spa designs showcase the exciting possibilities of a swim spa, whatever the style of your home.

Dreaming about having a pool at home? A SwimEx cocktail pool may be the ideal solution. Our cocktail swimming pool designs show how everything about these small pools far outweighs what a full-sized swimming pool can offer.

The beauty of a swim spa is you get the functionality of a full-sized pool with a much smaller footprint. These in ground swim spa designs will have you reimagining what it looks like to have an inground pool at home.

From a raised deck in a yard or on a porch, to a multi-level home extension, beautiful swim spa deck designs can create a spot for the whole family to enjoy, and take your outdoor space to the next level.

It’s not hard to get inspired with these home swimming pool ideas! From outdoor to indoor, and whether for having fun, relaxing, or exercising, a SwimEx swim spa can integrate with your most imaginative design concepts, and in a small footprint.

SwimEx’s small lap pools span from 7′6″ to 11′5″ wide (2.29m to 3.47m) and 13′6″ to 22′ long (4.11m to 6.7m). This flexibility allows owners to fit their pool into almost any footprint, and enjoy exercising in many ways.

Investing in a home indoor pool provides exercise, fun, and relaxation all year round. Apart from being good for your health, it can add beauty and luxury to your home. Get inspired with these ideas!

How much does a swim spa cost?

As with all home purchases, do your research before you buy. First, determine your budget. Pools vary greatly in price. SwimEx pools are known for their excellence and durability – they are built to last. See our customer case studies and reviews to find out what owners say about their SwimEx pools.

The cost of SwimEx pools:

Our residential motion pools start at USD 47,900. Residential plunge pools start at USD 21,000. Due to shipping charges, exchange rates, and varying specifications, international prices will differ. For a personalized quote on a professional pool, contact a SwimEx account executive.

Further information

See our videos and information about installing a swim spa, and guidance for architects. For professionals, we can help you to design a hydrotherapy room at your facility.

See our residential pool models.

See our professional therapy and training pools.


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