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6 Unique Indoor Pool Ideas

An indoor pool can be an innovative way of turning your home into a luxurious aquatic retreat for you and your family. There are many benefits of choosing a swim spa for your indoor pool installation. Compact and freestanding, these small pools can easily be incorporated into a home at a fraction of the space of full-sized pools. They also cost less to heat and maintain than traditional full-sized pools.

So where exactly can you fit a small indoor pool at home? Consider these 6 unique indoor pool ideas and enjoy all the benefits of owning a pool, including exercise and relaxation, without ever having to leave your home.

1. A porch transformed

When Ohio couple Gayle and Rich decided to get a resistance pool, they knew a pool wouldn’t fit in their heavily wooded backyard. But in the middle of the night, Gayle had an idea. What about installing a pool in their screened-in-porch? Gayle called SwimEx the next morning and the process began!

Gayle and Rich are now enjoying their 500 OS pool with family and friends. Learn more about their story.

2. A sunroom pool

A sunroom can make a stunning location for an indoor pool. Just imagine the different views you can enjoy while relaxing and swimming at sunrise, sunset, and throughout the changing seasons. This Mississippi homeowner purchased a 600 S with a 2 foot extension after trying the pool at a nearby rehabilitation center. The 600 S is the most powerful pool in our residential line with the strongest and deepest paddlewheel current.

This sunroom pool is installed in-ground, but depending on your sunroom space, you can opt for an above ground or partially-above ground installation.

3. Iowa shed with an indoor pool

After swimming in a friend’s SwimEx pool, this Iowa homeowner decided to replace their existing pool with an exercise pool, and chose a Triton. The above ground installation included decking and a fence around the pool platform.

The flat-bottom Triton comes standard with a 50” water depth and two rear seats for relaxation, but can also be customized with a drop-in treadmill and custom water depths.

4. Sunny solarium pool room

Let the sun shine in this beautiful solarium pool room! A solarium enclosure provides an idyllic setting for swimming and relaxation for the whole family to enjoy. The glowing rays of sunlight streaming through the glass ceiling and the sparkling blue of the pool create a dazzling atmosphere for any home.

These Rhode Island homeowners opted for an inground installation of a 500 OS, a popular residential model. This high-performance pool offers extreme versatility for swimming or water exercise.

5. An indoor pool in a garage

Why not make the most of a home garage with an indoor pool? Thanks to the small footprint of the SwimEx Triton, these homeowners can enjoy exercise, swimming, and fun at home all year long. The Triton’s quiet electric motor generates a smooth and consistent water flow and is an affordable option for an indoor pool.

6. A lanai pool with a view

Take a swim and enjoy the view from this Hawaiian lanai, a perfect spot for an indoor pool! These homeowners purchased a Triton and added the SwimEx EDGE touchscreen monitor for its built-in swimming routines and custom workout options. Additional customizations included two underwater lights and blue waterline color tiles. No problems getting a crane to deliver the pool to this beautiful spot!

Having an indoor pool isn’t just beneficial to your health, it can also be a great way to add beauty and luxury to your home. Investing in a home indoor pool offers a place to exercise, have fun, and relax all year round.

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