Screened-in Porch Pool Transformation

Gayle and Rich are a retired couple enjoying their 500 OS SwimEx porch pool in Ohio. 

A love of swimming

When asked why they decided to get a pool, Gayle said it all started with a love for swimming, “I was on the swim team at a local pool growing up, and my parents put in a pool when I was 16.” After their kids left home, Gayle and Rich finally talked about putting a pool in the backyard. Living in a very wooded area, it was hard for them to imagine where a pool might go. But they knew they wanted a resistance pool, so they did their research.

A family-owned business

When Gayle came across SwimEx in her research, she knew it was the right fit. “I love that it’s a family-owned business, run by a female CEO. I ran my own business for 40 years, so I connected with the company,” she said. “I appreciated that someone answered the phone. You have direct access to staff members, from the engineer to the CEO. Everyone is so helpful along the way.”

A screened-in porch transformed

Finding SwimEx, however, didn’t immediately solve their challenge of where to put the pool. But Gayle still remembers waking up at 2am one night thinking, what about the screened-in porch? She kept a notepad by her bed, so she made herself a note, and called SwimEx at 8am the next morning. After a conversation with our engineer, the process began!

porch pool transformation

Porch pool gives year-round enjoyment

The porch pool was installed in 2019, and Gayle and Rich love the fact that they can use the pool year-round for exercise. “SwimEx can help us maintain our health,” Gayle said. “I’ve even had my 96-year-old father in the pool after he broke his back.” During the summer, they enjoy keeping the porch doors open. Regulating the temperature of the water is also great. They are using propane to heat the pool, and are surprised that it’s not very expensive at all.

A blessing

In addition to exercise, Gayle and Rich love sharing their SwimEx pool with family and friends. “Our grandkids love the pool. It’s become a place for our family and friends to gather,” Gayle said. And having the SwimEx pool during this crazy time at home has certainly been an added perk. “We’ve been blessed to have it during this time. I smile every time I walk out there.”

~ Authored by Kristine Chochrek


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