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Since 1986, SwimEx has been manufacturing superior quality swim spas designed and built to stand the test of time.

Our swim spas, aquatic training and therapy machines are renowned for their versatility, unique fiberglass construction, advanced water current technology, and easy maintenance. Together with our renowned excellence in customer service, this sets us far above the competition.

For homeowners as well as hospitals, physical therapy clinics, veterinarians, elite athletes, sports teams, health clubs, military and veterans’ facilities, and senior communities, SwimEx provides the ultimate aquatic experience for exercise, training, rehabilitation and well-being. Many of our customers share that their SwimEx pool has changed their lives!

We’re a family-owned company, and our swim spas are proudly custom-made in the USA.

Why Choose Swim Spas by SwimEx?


SwimEx is the only company in the world to offer paddlewheel current technology in its pools. This exclusive system provides the deepest, widest, and smoothest current on the market.

Powered by the paddlewheel, the SwimEx “wall of water” is as wide as the pool and up to 30″ (76cm) deep. This means that no matter where you’re swimming, running or exercising in the pool, you feel an even, consistent water resistance.

With 99 water current speed settings, SwimEx swim spas can accommodate all ability levels. The current is strong enough to challenge the most competitive athlete, yet gentle enough for recreational swimming, rehabilitation and recovery.

Read more about our paddlewheel technology and its benefits compared with other types of pool current on the market, and discover the versatility of our handcrafted swim spas. Find out about the superiority of fiberglass over other methods of pool construction. And compare SwimEx with our main competitor.


Ultimate Swim Spa Guide

Practical tips for buying the best lap pool.

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We're here to serve you

From your first contact with us, you will get the best customer service in the industry, across the USA and worldwide.

Our experts are here to assist you during the decision-making process, with pool design and customizations, when you’re ready to install, and after installation with yearly service and maintenance.

Our commitment extends beyond sales and service. We are always available to respond to any questions you might have, no matter how long you’ve owned your SwimEx current pool.

See why SwimEx swim spas are number one for water exercise and therapy:

Professional Swim Spas for Training & Physical Therapy

Our customers agree that the construction quality of SwimEx pools combined with our superior service adds up to a sound investment!

professional pools

SwimEx professional swim spas are preferred worldwide as the most effective and versatile on the market for training, rehabilitation and recovery.

Our commercial pools can be customized for specific training and treatment protocols and objectives for any ability level. You can choose multiple depths, inset floors, performance zones, and drop-in workout tools such as a treadmill or cycle.

Outcomes for billing documentation can be accurately measured based on water speeds, exercises performed and ROM.

In-house pool design service

Our field technicians can expertly guide you and your contractors with space layouts, CAD drawings, technical information and installation details.

Our in-house engineering team can help you design an aquatic therapy room for your facility.

We also provide resources for architects.

Take the plunge

SwimEx plunge pools help to create the ultimate environment for recovery, rehabilitation, and relaxation. The modular fiberglass design is ideal for locker rooms, aquatic therapy rooms, and resorts. There are five standard sizes, or we can help you to design a custom plunge pool that suits your specific rehab or layout requirements.

See our commercial plunges.

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Browse our resource hub for athletes, trainers, and aquatic therapists, including treatment regimes and water exercises.

Swim Spas for Homeowners

swimex swim spas

Enjoy pain-free exercise, entertain and relax, or teach your children to swim right in your own home.

Water is the ideal medium for exercising, recovering from injury, joint replacements, and managing long-term health conditions.

Every pool is built to your specifications with countless custom options possible, so it looks great in your home and meets your specific lifestyle, exercise or rehabilitation needs.

Get inspired by the incredible range of pool design possibilities for your SwimEx current pool.

We provide installation guidance as well as resources for architects to help build your swim spa, whether it’s an indoor, outdoor, above ground or in-ground pool.

Our swim spas offer relaxation and stress relief, allowing homeowners to unwind and rejuvenate in the comfort of their own homes.

For lap swimmers, athletes, or those looking for life-changing rehab, SwimEx pools and service will exceed your expectations!

Home cocktail pools

Exercise, entertain, and relax with a stunning water feature that makes the ultimate home oasis.

Our small jetted pools are easy to maintain. We can customize your pool to match the design of your home and your specific requirements.

residential cocktail pool