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Custom Lap Pools – 4 Pool Designs, 4 Exercise Routines

Custom lap pools are a great way to get a full-body workout and stay fit in the comfort of your own home. If you don’t like the smell of chlorine after swimming in a public pool or you’re not getting the results you want from the gym, a custom lap pool may be the perfect solution. 

Whether your space at home is large or small, you have many workout options with these custom lap pool ideas. Here are four examples of custom lap pool designs and the exercise routines their owners enjoy.

Upper body exercises in a 600 S

This Dallas homeowner can’t imagine why it took them so long to take the plunge and purchase their 600 S. They opted to build a pool house so they could exercise year-round.

“It’s an ideal resistance exercise,” said pool owner LK, who makes the most of the paddlewheel current. “You can get a great upper body exercise by turning the water way up and holding onto the bar at the front end of the pool. The water current pulls you out as you hold on (great for stretching your back). I do curls and shoulder exercises by pulling my body weight against the current.” Learn more about how LK is using their 600 S.

Walking and running in a 1000 S

This Iowa family was exploring small custom pool ideas for an existing home gym when they contacted SwimEx. In addition to an interest in resistance swimming, they specifically wanted a water treadmill.

The home gym was big enough to fit a 1000 S, the largest SwimEx home pool. The pool features a still-water area and three deep wells for non-weight-bearing activities, plus they added an integrated treadmill. With a water surface spanning 10′ x 14′ (3.05m x 4.27m), the 1000 S is the most versatile custom lap pool available.

Strength and flexibility in a Triton

SwimEx customers Seth and Valerie are now proud owners of their second Triton pool after selling their home in 2017. A fitness enthusiast, Seth started to experience some back pain. “It became apparent that I needed to swim daily to feel my best. After considering many options, I selected the SwimEx Triton pool as my solution to maintaining strength and flexibility,” said Seth. Seth mixes up his workout with weight-bearing exercises.

For their second pool, the homeowners chose an above ground installation on a second floor deck.

Daily swims in a 400 OS

For avid swimmer Aneena, she never has to worry about long commutes or taking time off from work to get her daily swim fix. “For me, swimming is my meditation, it’s my sanity,” Aneena said. “I would feel lost if I couldn’t swim.”

Over 30 years ago, Aneena purchased a 400 OS and built a new solarium for the pool. She continues to swim daily, alternating between the crawl and using a kickboard. “Having the pool has paid off both physically and mentally. It’s the most important possession in my life,” she said. Learn more about Aneena’s swimming routine.

Whether you’re an avid swimmer or just interested in a fun and effective way to stay in shape, small custom lap pools offer an unbeatable combination of convenience and versatility. They take up less space, are easy to maintain, and cost less to operate.

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