Discover the Triton

Triton is the latest pool in the professional SwimEx line up. Newly design for 2015, it is crafted for the customer who demands the best. This rugged one-piece pool features a wide-open layout, 50” (127 cm) water depth, and two benches for seated exercise. A quiet and efficient commercial grade electric motor drives a specially calibrated propeller, creating a consistent water current. It features the legendary SwimEx fiberglass sandwich construction with an easy-to-clean, long lasting Gelcoat finish. Two water return channels run along the exterior of the main swimming area which return water to the front of the pool for a smooth and even water flow in the main exercise area. The Triton is an ideal option for any physical therapy or rehab center.

  • 5 hp drive system
  • 1-piece design with 50″ (1.27 m) water depth (easy to install)
  • Can be installed above or below ground – indoors or outdoors
  • Heavy duty fiberglass sandwich construction
  • Easy-to-clean Gelcoat surface (industry exclusive)
  • EDGE touchscreen monitor accurately programs water speed
    to measure performance
  • Waterline tiles
  • Quiet and energy efficient electric motor
    (same motor as paddlewheel pools)
  • Optimized propeller generated water flow
  • Commercial filter, pump & electric heater systems
  • Stainless steel front and side handrails
  • In-pool fiberglass stairs with stainless steel handrails
    (stairs can be placed on either side of pool)
  • Remote control system
  • Hydrotherapy jet system with up to 6 jets
    (includes 2 hp pump and controller)
  • Floor arrow
  • Start-up water treatment kit and test kit
  • Annual maintenance kit
  • Floating thermal blanket
  • Equalization skimmer
  • Water vacuum
  • 4-disc instructional exercise DVD
  • Protocol book

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  • Capacity: 2940 gal (11,129 l)
  • Dry weight 2800 lbs (1,270 kg)
  • Pool Filled weight: 27,500 lbs (12,473 kg)
  • Floor load: 355 lbs (161 kg) /sq. ft
  • Water depth: 4′ 2″ (1.27 m)

Overall Pool Dimensions

  • L: 18’8” (5.686M) including motor
  • W: 7’ 7-1/2”(2.324M)
  • H:  5’ (1.525M)  Including foam to top of 4” tall lip in rear
  • Water Dimensions: 14’4″ x 6’7″ (4.37m x 2.00m)

Pit Dimensions

  • L:  20’ (6.096M)
  • W: 12’ (3.657M)
  • Depth: 4’8” (1.422M)    Top of slab to bottom of coping

For European installations: For medical and sports-medical use, installations can be according to the German DIN19643 /KOK standard.

Please work with a SwimEx representative for exact details and measurements. 

aquatic therapy pool

  • Integrated motorized treadmill
  • Handicap lifts
  • Removable stainless steel stabilization bar
  • Underwater HD video camera system with DVR and monitor
  • 12″ (30.48 cm) deep water well
  • Custom sized deep water well
  • 5 hp motor for faster water speeds
  • 2 underwater lights
  • Natural gas or propane heater vs standard electric heater
    requires a 5″ (12.7 cm) vertical vent
  • Ozonator
  • Deep tissue massage wand with independent pump
  • Drop-in aquatic treadmill

For more information visit our features and options page.

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