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If you are considering buying a swim spa, you may be wondering: Is a swim spa easy to install? The answer: Yes!  Once the space is prepared, a swim spa pool can be installed in a few days. It all depends on what you want for the finished look. Here are some tips and examples.

The beauty of a swim spa over a full sized pool is that swim spas can be installed virtually anywhere. Put them in a basement, on a deck, in a home gym, the backyard, or sunroom. Install them indoors, outdoors, above ground or in-ground. Their compact size requires very little space and depending on the brand you choose can be delivered in sections for access into tight spaces. Many swim spa pools pack a powerful punch in as little as 200-square feet of space.  Why install a full-sized pool when you get everything you need from this highly efficient fitness and therapy pool?

pool installation

If you’re worried about humidity indoors, don’t be concerned. Swim spas use a smaller body of water than large in-ground pools. This makes for very little humidity and fewer chemicals.  In fact, if you use a pool cover or floating blanket, you can control nearly 100% of the humidity.

Pool Installation: Before and After

These homeowners chose an in-ground installation in a shady spot on the side of their home. They built a custom pool enclosure for a serene oasis of year-round swimming and fitness!
pool installation

When choosing a swim spa it’s important to know how it’s built. Some swim spas are constructed with a vinyl liner and some are made with fiberglass. SwimEx swim spas are built with superior fiberglass composite construction that’s made up of  1/8” (.31 cm) fiberglass on each side of a 3/4” (1.9 cm) balsa wood core. This creates a highly insulated and indestructible shell. You can install them inside or outside and never worry about tearing or replacing a vinyl liner. Plus, the smooth fiberglass surface acts as a barrier against moisture absorption and algae growth. It cleans quickly, is extremely easy to maintain, and has non-slip surfaces on all interior walking/workout stations for safe movement.

Pool with a View

This stunning pool was easily built into a deck and finished off with stone. It overlooks a river so these owners can swim and exercise while they enjoy a relaxing view.

pool installation

Indoor Exercise Gym

These homeowners never have to leave home. They converted a large space into a home gym and installed their swim spa above ground. This incredible space includes a basketball court, workout equipment and a SwimEx 1000S swim spa large enough for their entire family to enjoy.

pool installation

Try our simple Pool Selector tool to find the perfect swim spa for your home and lifestyle.

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