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Therapy in motion

Hospitals and physical therapy centers consistently choose SwimEx over the competition for its versatility and smooth current. As the most versatile aquatic therapy, conditioning and hydrotherapy rehab pools on the market, SwimEx pools are available in several models to meet your facility’s needs.  Let us assist you in choosing the best model for your patient population.  We can also offer custom features and options suited just for your needs.

Make Your SwimEx Profitable

SwimEx rehab Pools pay for themselves. We can assist you in the planning process for purchasing your SwimEx pool with a return on investment (ROI) spreadsheet suited to your business.

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PT Clinic Success Story

Aquatic Fitness PT Clinic – 17 Years of Success with a SwimEx Pool

Deciding factors in selecting the SwimEx included the versatility available with multiple water depth levels, variety of work stations to customize treatment programs, and resistive laminar flow water current. Combined with therapeutic water temperature of 93 degrees, we have been able to successfully individualize treatment plans the past 17 years. We rehabilitate a wide spectrum of orthopedic conditions, including spine (pre and post operative), hip, knee, and ankle injuries and surgeries, generalized arthritis, and chronic pain conditions to name a few. Aquatic therapy in our SwimEx pool allows patients to improve mobility, strength, stability, and cardiovascular conditioning in a decreased weight bearing environment, which typically allows for quicker progression with less pain. Todd Pratt O.T.R./L (Learn more)


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