Swim Spas for Homeowners

Homeowner Installation Highlights

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Homeowner  Highlights

Whether you’re looking for a lap pool, swim spa, or aquatic fitness machine, you’ve come to the right place. The versatility of SwimEx exercise pools make them ultimate home resistance pool. Perfect for swimming, aquatic exercise, therapy, or relaxation, SwimEx pools are built to order and made to last.

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The advanced water current technology and state-of-the-art fiberglass construction make SwimEx swim spas the best on the market. Customize your pool with different color and tile combinations, interior layouts. Choose a model that is just right for your home and your lifestyle.

Customer Reviews

“As a pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, I had several injuries, the majority of them in my knees and hips. Running to get in shape became too hard on my joints. I was excited when the Dodgers installed a SwimEx at the spring training facility. I used the SwimEx there and in several other ballparks around the league. It helped with conditioning and helped relieve stiffness and soreness in my pitching arm and the rest of my body. Now retired, I still battle with daily pain. I purchased a SwimEx for my home so I can stay in shape with little or no joint impact. I have had a great experience working with the staff at SwimEx. They helped with everything from choosing the right pool, to choosing colors, and working with my contractor on installation. SwimEx makes exercise fun. Thanks to them, I look forward to good health in the future!” – Darren Dreifort

“Having a SwimEx in our home has enabled us to swim daily throughout the year. SwimEx is the best investment we have ever made for fitness. It gives us the advantages of a full-size lap pool without the space, cost and maintenance requirements.”- Ben & Marilyn Matthesen

“I swam in the many other pools on the market before choosing SwimEx. None of them compared to SwimEx in design or construction. SwimEx pools are durable, easy to maintain, and the smooth, powerful current is the best for swimming and working out.”- Rob Kasper

“Because I have diabetes, daily exercise is a major part of my program to control the disease. When I exercise daily, I feel better and I am more motivated to control my diet. It makes no sense to have a large indoor pool when you can do more in a SwimEx in considerably less space.” – Dan Bintz, O.D

“Swimming has been great! I love it. I’ve now eliminated one more schedule issue from my life, and I can now swim when I want to, even when the gym is closed. Thank you SWIMEX!” – Dr. Frank Toda,  Dalles, OR

“I have been enjoying my SwimEx pool since 2008. When I’m in the pool my body feels totally liberated. Many friends have noticed my improved balance and physical endurance since I started using the pool. Joyfully a SwimEx owner and user.”
Mary Garvelink, Colorado Springs, CO

“Best thing we’ve ever done! We’ve been swimming every day. I think SwimEx should be in every person’s backyard!” – Annette Helmbold, San Jose, CA

“I love to show off our SwimEx pool to a perspective buyer. It is by far the best purchase I ever made! Thanks!” – Todd Olson, Grasonville, MD

Everyone over 65 should have one of these. You can take away any of my appliances (dishwasher, washing machine, dryer), but don’t take my SwimEx pool! –Shirley Peterson, Bridgewater, MA

“We are both professionals who were getting very little to no exercise. Now we each swim almost every morning – rain or shine, snow or sleet. I think buying our SwimEx was the healthiest thing we’ve ever done. There are times we just use it to stretch, bend and relax.” – Harry & Marcia Christian

“Our SwimEx pool is one of the best investments we ever made. I love it! It’s easy use it, easy to care for, and efficient to operate.  SwimEx is a first class company and respects their customers. The pool is wonderful and once you figure out where to put it – it is no harder to maintain than weeding your flower beds once a week. I am a huge fan.” – Vicki

“I’d recommend a SwimEx to anybody who likes to swim for exercise or for fun. I’ve been very impressed with the quality of construction. I’m also very impressed with the ease at which I can swim in the device.” – Brad Beutlich

“To me the pool is an insurance policy which pays off every day. I believe it should be used by anyone who believes in their own preventive healthcare. It is especially valuable for the aging individual who finds it hard to go to the local gym each day. As a general family pool, it gives an affordable and carefree way to have family time and fun.” – Dr. Stewart & Roberta Lipton