Hydrotherapy For Health Conditions

Hydrotherapy For Health Conditions

Aquatic Therapy for Health Conditions

Aquatic therapy gives you a leg up in the orthopedic surgery recovery process. The specialty of orthopedics relates to your entire skeletal system and joints. And whether it’s knees, hips or shoulders, the key to recovering from orthopedic surgery is increasing mobility to ward off stiffness and increase flexibility. Because standing in chest high water reduces your body weight by 80%, you immediately reduce stress on your joints and entire body. You gain all the health benefits of exercise with less discomfort. What’s more, exercising in water means there’s no fear of falling and re-injuring yourself.

SwimEx pools are completely adjustable in every way so you can create different intensity levels for strengthening and rehab. Adjust the paddlewheel current to accomplish multiple activities at different intensity levels. This helps increase orthopedic joint mobility and allows you to work at your own pace. Adjust the speed increments on our integrated underwater treadmill to get an individualized workout and move up at your own speed. And you can adjust the depth of the pool water to change the amount of weightlessness you experience.
Of course, our swim spa pools are designed for easy accessibility with built-in stairs. SwimEx pool aquatic therapy – unmatched for orthopedic surgery rehab!

Aquatic Therapy can ease the symptoms and pain of both arthritis and fibromyalgia. Generally, arthritis (there are more than 100 types) is inflammation of a joint that causes stiffness, swelling, redness and pain. Similarly, fibromyalgia is characterized by chronic pain, stiffness, and tenderness in joints, muscles and tendons. A key treatment for both is relaxation.

Combining the warm water of a SwimEx pool with a spa jet massage stimulates the senses and relaxes the body, greatly reducing the stress and pain on aching muscles and joints. Massage is another key therapy, but you don’t need access to a professional masseuse every day when you have our massage wand. It gives you a focused, penetrating massage for sore and chronically aching muscles, which also helps relieve joint pain. This pool therapy allows you to penetrate arthritic joints or manipulate scar tissue. What’s more, studies show that exercising in warm water can help decrease the painful side effects of these two conditions, strengthen muscles and joints, and improve flexibility. And in chest-high water, your body is 80% weightless! Since the pool water is bearing the majority of your weight, stress on joints and muscles is greatly reduced. That makes walking and running exercise without increased pain a possibility. Add our integrated underwater treadmill with adjustable speed, or exercise against our paddlewheel system current to gain all the benefits of exercising in warm water.

Chronic pain persists or progresses over time, as opposed to acute pain that arises suddenly in response to a specific injury. Chronic pain can be due to many different medical conditions and can be difficult to diagnose. The good news is relaxation in a SwimEx swim spa pool can bring relief and help control pain.
The warmth of the pool water and the localization of jet massage can provide a sensory experience which aids in relaxation and stress relief, bringing you a respite from chronic pain. The pool’s hydrotherapy jets and flexible massage wand deliver a deep, penetrating massage right where it hurts. Penetrate stiff joints, manipulate scar tissue, or relieve aching muscles.
You can also exercise comfortably in a SwimEx pool. Our integrated underwater treadmill has adjustable speeds that let you work at your own pace while the water bears most of your weight. That reduces the stress on your joints and muscles so there is no reason not to get the exercise you need to strengthen muscles. Plus, exercise releases endorphins – the body’s own painkillers.

Neuromuscular conditions relate to both nerves and muscles. Two common ones are multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy. For these patients, SwimEx pools make getting exercise easier and more convenient.
First of all, the pool water provides sensory stimulation to create kinesthetic awareness. The buoyancy of the water reduces stress on the body so you can focus on motor skills and exercises. The variable speed underwater treadmill helps with gait training without fear of falling. And, our targeted, adjustable-strength, penetrating spa jet massages can reduce discomfort. Target specific areas with our flexible water jet massage wand. All these pool features help with neuromuscular pain management.
Other SwimEx features make re-learning how to walk easier. To maximize the learning process, you need to see what your legs are doing while you are moving them. Our underwater cameras let you study movement and adjust accordingly. To make getting in and out of the pool easier and safer, you can choose between built-in stairs or a chair lift.

The warmth and sensory stimulation of exercising in a SwimEx swim spa pool benefits children of all ages and sizes. Since SwimEx pools can be built with different depth options, they are ideal for the pediatric population and specific treatment protocols.  Children relax in the warm water and regard rehabilitation and strengthening exercises as fun activities. Flotation belts or balance rings can help them achieve total weightlessness, eliminating stress on joints and muscles. The variable paddlewheel counter-current can be adjusted to make swimming exercises easy, or to increase resistance for correct movement. Installed resistance jets can be used to improve stimuli reception and balance.

Swimming has long been a great way to tone your body and lose weight while putting very little stress on your joints. SwimEx swim-in-place pools make weight loss through swimming and aquatic exercise easy and convenient.
SwimEx pools feature the smoothest counter-current in the industry due to our industry exclusive and superior paddlewheel technology, making our pools versatile for all types of aquatic exercise to lose weight. Our integrated underwater treadmill has adjustable speeds that let you work at your own pace while the water bears most of your weight.
When you’re standing in chest deep water, the water is bearing 80% of your weight! And studies have shown a person generally burns two calories more per minute of activity in the water than on land. So while you’re nearly weightless in the water, you can easily do exercises and movements that might have been hard to perform on land, reducing tension, frustration and pain.

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