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Hydrotherapy: Make Waves

Hydrotherapy Follows Form

The Elegance of Swimex Pools Arises from Precision and Craftsmanship

A leader in the design and manufacturing of therapy pools and plunge pools, SwimEx products feature innovative technology and construction.  Crafted in the USA and built to order, SwimEx delivers superior products, for life.

An Experienced Team

Since 1986, SwimEx has been family owned and operated. Today, the SwimEx team delivers superior products with unmatched customer service.

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Harness the Power of Water

Aquatic exercise and therapy captures the healing benefits of water.  SwimEx hydrotherapy pools and plunge pools deliver positive health benefits to help improve life through the power of water.

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SwimEx is the top choice for sports medicine professionals, physical trainers, athletes, and homeowners.  Sold worldwide, satisfied clients are our best advocates. Learn why they choose to be members of Team SwimEx.

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