Swim Spa Technology

Why SwimEx

  1. SwimEx paddlewheel produces an unsurpassed water current.
  2. With 99 water current speeds, accurately monitor swimming, exercise, or therapy from one session to the next.
  3. Gelcoat interior surface is easy to maintain and a breeze to clean.
  4. Customize the color, length, depth, and interior layout.
  5. Compact size and insulated shell minimize costs and eliminates the need for dehumidification systems.
  6. Durable fiberglass shell is impervious to sun and chemicals even with the highest commercial use.
  7. Chemicals are easy to control. With the optional ozonator, pools can be virtually chemical-free.

The proven SwimEx design, combined with unsurpassed service, means you will have the best aquatic machine with the most versatility for your space, ability level, application, and design.  From innovative construction to the most advanced water current on the market, SwimEx pools are more than powerful, they are built to last – for life.

Paddlewheel History: The birth of a brilliant idea

In 1986 fiberglass pioneer Everett Pearson bought the SwimEx paddlewheel patents from an MIT hydrodynamist and research team. Originally recognized for founding Pearson Yachts and bringing the first production sailboats to market, this gifted entrepreneur combined 30 years of design experience to create the first fiberglass swim spa. Through Pearson’s brilliant ingenuity and vision SwimEx became the leader in aquatic exercise and therapy for athletic training rooms, hospitals, physical therapy clinics, health clubs, senior communities, and private homes.

SwimEx is still owned and operated by the Pearson family.

SwimEx Founder
Read an article on Everett Pearson in Boat Digest (Jul/Aug 2007).


Paddlewheel Power: Ultimate Performance

SwimEx Exercise Therapy Pool

SwimEx is the only company in the world to offer paddlewheel water current technology. This superior current offers the smoothest yet most powerful water current in the world.

Positioned in the back of the pool, the 99-speed paddlewheel pulls water through a rear grate, pushes it under the pool floor, and out a front grille. The water current spans the full width of the pool, creating a “wall of water” that runs as deep as 30” (76 cm).

The SwimEx paddlewheel pool is the only pool on the market that circulates up to 25,000 gallons of water per minute generating a river-like current.

Both competitive and recreational swimmers will achieve a superior aquatic swimming and exercise experience. If you love to swim, there is no other current as effective as the paddlewheel.  If you want to exercise or need aquatic therapy, the SwimEx S and T series paddlewheel models are the ultimate aquatic machine.

Paddlewheel Current Benefits

swim spa current

With 99 speeds, the paddlewheel current will challenge the most advanced swimmer or athlete, yet it is gentle enough to meet the therapeutic requirements of any level patient.  Air control buttons mounted on the front of the pool easily adjust water speeds to accommodate any ability level. Improve balance, run, swim, achieve full-body workouts – it’s all possible.

The consistent water flow and different speed options make it easy to accurately monitor progress from one session to the next.  The SwimEx EDGE touchscreen monitor lets you program workouts, swim sessions, and treadmill time.

The pool-width flow means you can be anywhere in the pool and still benefit from the current. Swim from one side of the pool to the other. Workouts and therapy protocols can include upper body exercises with no additional pool equipment. Enjoy a smooth swimming experience or safely target specific muscles and joints.  The superiority of the paddlewheel current delivers a better workout, more effective aquatic therapy, and consistent resistance for intensive workouts or gentle of therapy protocols.


SwimEx Pool Construction

Why install a full-sized pool when you can get everything you need from this highly efficient fitness and therapy pool? SwimEx pools pack a powerful punch in as little as 200-square feet of space and fit virtually anywhere.  Using a state-of-the-art fiberglass technique similar to the construction of high performance luxury yachts and aircraft, SwimEx pools range in size from 7’6″ wide to 11’5″ wide (2.29 m to 3.47 m) and 13’6″ long to 18’4″ long (4.11 m to 5.59 m). Extensions are also available in 2′ (61 cm) increments. Plunge pools come in small, medium, large, extra large, or custom-sized up to 45′ long.   They are built with 1/8” (.31 cm) fiberglass on each side of a 3/4” (1.9 cm) balsa wood core to create an insulated “sandwich” of strength.  Layers of fiberglass, resin, and Gelcoat enclose the balsa wood for an indestructible shell.

Fiberglass Benefits:

  • Efficiently maintains water temperature
  • No liners to replace
  • All interior walking areas feature a non-slip surface for safe movement
  • Solid shell means all pools are freestanding and self-supporting, allowing for indoor, outdoor, above ground, or in-ground installations

Swim Spa Construction

Gelcoat Surface

Never worry about tearing or replacing a vinyl liner. This smooth surface doesn’t need replacing and acts as a barrier against moisture absorption and algae growth. It cleans quickly, is extremely easy to maintain, and has non-slip surfaces on all interior walking/workout stations for safe movement.


Balsa Wood Core

At the heart of every SwimEx product is a strong balsa wood core. This solid center sets SwimEx apart from the competition. It provides superior shell strength and a thick layer of insulation. SwimEx pools and plunge pools provide the ultimate in temperature retention, and are free standing and self supporting.

Installation Options:

From your first inquiry through choosing your pool and its options, a SwimEx team member is with you every step of the way.  When you are ready for installation, our design engineers will help guide you and your contractors with space layouts, CAD drawings, technical information and code adherence.

above ground swim spaabove ground swim spaabove ground plunge tankA great choice for limited construction, limited space, or if an above ground installation works best for design. This installation is also perfect if it’s ever necessary to move and take the SwimEx to a new site.
in-ground poolin-ground plunge tankin-ground poolA great choice if you are planning to add a room, planning new construction, or have ample accessibility.
in-ground therapy poolin-ground poolin-ground therapy poolplunge tankA great choice for ease of access in and out of the pool or plunge tank.

At SwimEx, our commitment extends beyond installation. We are at your service for any questions or service, no matter how long you’ve owned your pool.

lap pool guide


Design Features and Options:

Your SwimEx can be designed with your choice of features and options to enhance the SwimEx experience.

Built factory direct and made to order, the extensive selection of SwimEx models allow for unlimited installation and application options.  For more specific applications, you can choose to customize your pool’s color, workstation design, depth, length, seats, underwater lights, jet placement, and more.

Create a pool or plunge tank that complements your design aesthetics. Choose a unique color for your pool and the pool’s coping. Also choose from a variety of tile combinations. The vast amount of choices will allow you to compliment your facility design or home decor.

(Standard features and Options vary with individual SwimEx pool model.)


Swim Spa with Colorcolored pool seatsMany colors are available in lieu of the standard white. Select all one color or two-tone. The beauty of fiberglass is the ability to add color to a pool to complement any home or facility. If you’d like to design your own virtual pool, click here. If you would like to see the full color selection, click here

pool tileInstalled on both sides of the pool at the waterline.
Tiles will add color and a unique design element to any pool or plunge tank.
View 6×6 Tiles
View 3×3 Tiles
View 2×2 Tiles

Exercise PoolAlabama pool logo therapy poolPatriots Therapy PoolFor additional team recognition, team logos can be incorporated into the fiberglass at the bottom of the pool.

Pool Tilepool logo tilesInstalled on both sides of the pool at the waterline, order team logo tiles and colors to create a custom pool!

Swimming Monitor

The SwimEx EDGE is a wall-mount programmable touchscreen monitor used to operate SwimEx pools.

This large, easy-to-read touchscreen is programmed for timed exercise routines, variable water current speeds, and operating the (optional) underwater treadmill. It features pre-set workouts for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, distance and sprint running, as well as interval workouts. It has built-in swimming routines or can be used to create custom workouts for specific training requirements.

The EDGE is ideal for measuring progress from one session to the next. Control your progress, track goals and accurately evaluate outcomes to better plan workouts and treatment options.


Underwater TreadmillThe SwimEx integrated belted treadmill is motorized, can achieve a top speed of 8.5 mph and is adjustable in 1/10th mph increments. It features removable handrails for flexibility and a treadmill monitor display with speed setting and time elapsed. The monitor can be programmed to create interval workouts.  Run against the current. The SwimEx water current makes an aquatic treadmill workout even more challenging and adds core strengthening! Click on the video to the right to see the treadmill in action. aquatic treadmillThe treadmill can be installed in the following models: Professional Triton, Residential Triton500 S, 500 T, 600 S, 600 T, 800 S, 800 T,  1000 S1000 T.

Aquatic Treadmill

The compact SPT (Self Powered Treadmill) adds a new dimension of fun and fitness to any home exercise or rehabilitative program by allowing you to walk or run in a weight-free environment against the natural smooth resistance that only water can provide.

  • Revolutionary, low-cost, aquatic treadmill
  • Fits into any size SwimEx pool or other poolspool steps aquatic treadmill
  • Modern, lightweight design allows for quick and easy insertion and removal
  • Self-propelled with progressive resistance

The SPT Underwater Treadmill has unmatched stability and performance – it’s perfect for exercise or therapy. Made in U.S.A. and exclusive to SwimEx, it has a flow-thru, high-speed turbine that dampens the walkway belt movement for safe boarding and exponentially increases resistance as the walking or running speed increases. The harder you work – the harder the aquatic treadmill works. The SPT’s unique flywheel mechanism keeps the treadmill moving for low impact, continuous walking or running.

The stainless steel handrail can be removed for swimming, inverting the platform, servicing, shipping and storage. Large rounded corners and soft molded feet protect your toes, while holding the SPT Underwater Treadmill in place and keeping the interior of your pool in great shape.

Also available, the Walking Model Underwater Treadmill offers the same features and benefits of the SPT model without automatic resistance.

Reduce the need for chemicals by 80%! The Ozonator plugs into an 110v outlet and plumbs into the plumbing line.

Pool Deep WellPool Deep Well for ExerciseA deep well can be added to increase the depth of the pool by 12″ or 24″ (30.5 cm or 61 cm) in a 4’ by 3’ (1.2 m by .9 m) wide area at the front of the pool. The deep well comes with a cover that when installed makes the pool floor all one depth.

Pool Stairspool steps aquatic treadmillStairs allow for easier access in and out of the pool. There are two stair options. Walk-in stairs are bolted onto the pool coping and bottom of pool and come complete with one stainless steel handrail. recessed pool stepsRecessed steps are integrated in the pool to allow for maximum room. 

Underwater pool lightshome swim spaTwo underwater lights on the side of your choice can be incorporated into the pool. Choose from white, aqua blue, violet, ocean blue, gold, green, red or a rotating light show.

Aquatic Massage Jetsmassage jetsThe Paddlewheel pools (left) have a triangle of three jets is placed in four locations, two on each side in the front of the pool. Jets are a separate system and come with an air control to vary the intensity.

The Triton pool (right) has 6 jets on the pool wall within each of the two back seats. Jets are a separate system and come with an air control to vary the intensity.

Offer patients the ability to massage and loosen muscles.Water Massage

pool safety coverA rigid vinyl pool cover made in four sections to custom fit to our pools. There are many colors available. Visit Core Covers to learn more.

Just let us know which one is right for you!

Pool Security CoverCreated to fit your pool size! A lightweight (5 lb (2.26 kg)) 3/16″ (.47 cm) closed cell foam with vinyl on each side. The insulation R rating is 3.2.

manualpoolcoverThis manual pool cover is convenient enough for daily use. There are no straps, no sandbags, and no anchors required to hold it in place. The cover is an economical alternative to an automatic cover. This manual system moves along low-profile tracks to cover and uncover the pool, then stores on its own reel when not in use. Your pool can be covered in less than 60 seconds.

pool liftAquatic Liftsaquatic liftCreate easy access into the pool for patients in any condition. Recommended lifts are based on specific pool models and installation parameters. They include water powered, electric, and zero entry lifts. Lifts can be installed with above ground, in-ground and partially above ground pools.

HD Underwater Cameraunderwater cameraThis movable camera suctions to a flat surface. Footage is time/date recorded and easily downloaded to USB. Set Includes: 2 Cameras, 24” Monitor & DVR. See the camera in action.