Our Team

SwimEx is the industry leader in the aquatic exercise and rehabilitation industry, improving lives through the power of water.


Our mission is to provide superior hydrotherapy pools, swim spas, and plunge pools that exceed customer expectations through technologically advanced design and manufacturing.


The SwimEx team is comprised of experts in the design, manufacturing, installation, and operation of an aquatic space for both the residential and commercial markets.


SwimEx pools are handcrafted and built factory direct. The dedicated technicians who build SwimEx pools have strict attention to detail and are experts in their craft. Leaders in their industry, many have been with the company for over 20 years.


Our passionate team includes certified athletic trainers who understand first-hand the benefits of hydrotherapy.



We are devoted to improving the quality of life through the power of water.

Rooted in History:

We are steadfast in our loyalty to the SwimEx legacy.


We are committed to testing the boundaries of aquatic function and design.

Setting the Standard:

We are relentless in sustaining exceptional quality.

Unsurpassed Service:

We are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations.

Our Team

The SwimEx team is dedicated to making every step of purchasing and installing your customized swim spa as easy as possible.


If you’re looking for a therapy/fitness pool, Swim-Ex is only way to go. It’s a terrific product that performs exactly as described: the strength of the uniform current it produces can be adjusted to fit the any range of fitness or therapeutic needs. Customer service is terrific and the pool itself requires very little maintenance. 

— David Y.

I have used Swimex products for over twenty years and have been very satisfied with the quality of the product. The service support has been outstanding and always trying to make sure every issue is managed in a timely manner. I have used other systems before Swimex and the service and support system sets them apart from all competitors.

—Roger J Meade, DPT

SwimEx is one of the best companies we’ve ever worked with. They are extremely professional, make a first-class pool, and have a great customer service/technical department. Special thanks to all the SwimEx team for making our dream come true.

—Mark H.

We tried a number of swim-in-place pools before selecting SwimEx as the one that was right for us. We have been enjoying our SwimEx since late Feb 2019–swimming every day and having a great experience. Kudos to the folks at SwimEx, our architect, and our builder–a great team!

—Wayne S.

After using the Triton for 2 years we decided to move and the most important decision in our new home was where to put my new swim spa. I took the opportunity to swim in a variety of swim spas before deciding that the Triton was once again my top choice.

—Seth Yellin, MD, FACS

The quality of the customer service at SwimEx sealed the deal for me very early in the process. At every level and department within the company, I received same-day, thoughtful responses to my myriad of questions about SwimEx.

—Patricia S.

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