Lap Swimming Pools vs. SwimEx Swim-In-Place Pools


Traditional lap pools have absolutely nothing on a SwimEx inground or above ground lap pool other than size and a lot of maintenance. In a SwimEx swim-in-place pool, you get the invigorating workouts you desire and perform the same workouts you would in a longer inground or above ground lap pool. Even better, you can swim a mile’s worth of laps without making turn after turn to disrupt your flow.

Lap Pools:                                                     SwimEx Pools:

Gallons: 8900-10,000                                       Gallons: 2600-3200
Space required: 660 sq. ft.                                Space required: 240 sq. ft.

Traditional lap swimming pools are usually one lane wide, about 3′-6′ deep and typically require a 50′ to 75′ length to make serious swimmers happy.

Compact and freestanding, a SwimEx swim-in-place pool can be incorporated easily into new home or patio construction, additions, fitness centers, hospitals or rehabilitation clinics at a fraction of the cost and space of a full-sized lap pool. SwimEx indoor or outdoor lap pools also cost less to heat and maintain than a traditional inground or above ground lap pool.