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Handcrafted to order, SwimEx plunge pool spas suit any lifestyle or application: vary the length, depth, benches, stairs, tile color, pool color, and more. Tell SwimEx what you need, and our engineers will work with you from conception to completion to help you design your dream spa.

SwimEx fiberglass spa pools are durable and leak proof. The free-standing units require only a flat level slab to sit on. Install the pool in-ground, semi-inground, or above ground. Lighter in weight, they are ideal for high-rises or rooftop installations. The insulated fiberglass shell combines superior temperature retention with an easy-to-maintain pool interior for unmatched function and beauty.  Sold worldwide, SwimEx commercial spas are a smart investment for any project.

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  • CAD design and engineering
  • Fiberglass shell & plumbing
  • Ozonator water purification system
  • Ceramic waterline tile inlay
  • One piece design or prefabricated sections
  • Reduced weight loads
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable, long lasting shell
  • Custom fit thermal blanket
  • Recessed steps with stainless steel handrails
  • Four standard
  • Engineered to meet local and state codes
  • Designed to exceed customer expectations


  • Custom sizes (length up to 45’ and depth up to 7’)
  • Custom interior configurations
  • Choice of pool color
  • Embedded logos, designs

Built in the USA and sold factory direct, SwimEx was founded by fiberglass pioneer and gifted boat builder Everett Pearson. Our commercial spas are manufactured with the same state-of-the-art fiberglass technique used to manufacture luxury yachts and high performance airplanes.

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