Discover Custom Plunge Pools

Handcrafted to order, SwimEx can manufacture custom plunge pools to suit a variety of applications: longer length, deeper depths, treatment specific interior configurations. Vary the benches, stairs, color, and add logo tiles. Tell us what you need. We will help you design your ideal pool.

SwimEx plunge pools are free-standing, self-supporting and can be installed in ground or above ground. The solid fiberglass construction provides superior cold and heat retention and unmatched beauty.

custom plunge pool

  • Ozonator water purification system
  • Custom fit thermal blanket
  • Recessed steps with stainless steel handrails
  • Sectional fiberglass construction
  • Non-skid floor surface
  • Exercise bench
  • Pre-installed inlet and outlet fittings

custom plunge tankCustom Stairs

custom plunge tank

Custom Length

custom plunge tankCustom Depths

University of Minnesota Lap Pool

Custom Lap Pool

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