Aqua Yoga for Spinal Injury Patients

The Carolina Spine and Neurosurgery Center uses aqua yoga in a SwimEx pool to help rehabilitate spinal injury patients. The non weight-bearing environment gives excellent results.

Aqua yoga allows patients who are otherwise unable to practice yoga to begin a practice, especially those that suffer with weakness in their legs. They’re not even really able to do it, even with chairs.

So with the water, there’s not that fear of falling, and you move through all of the postures, and it’s a really free-flowing thing because they have the buoyancy of the water.

Many of the movements in aqua yoga classes are diagonals, things that you have to use throughout your day. The yoga allows patients to build strength in those functional patterns. Waterobics or those other types of activities don’t allow that to happen; they’re more linear in nature.

The size of the pool allows to have up to six participants. It gives that group energy of people flowing together, and people love the community feeling of it too.

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~ Authored by Liz Lecomte

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