Team USA Triathlete Demonstrates Running Training in a SwimEx Pool

Running is a mentally and physically challenging sport, but thankfully, there’s a way to train while putting less stress on your muscles and joints. Training with a SwimEx hydrotherapy pool is a great way to work your muscles, fix your form and improve overall running performance. One of the many benefits is that it’s non weight-bearing. Therefore, there’s less impact, allowing you to increase your mileage with less risk of injury.

One of my favorite things about a SwimEx hydrotherapy pool is that it allows me to work on form and review drills even with fatigue or sore muscles. Three main workouts that greatly benefit runners in the water are form drills, lateral running and interval training. A SwimEx hydrotherapy pool makes running training simple by decreasing pressure from gravity and providing instant feedback.

Video highlights

Form walk-throughs/striders

  • A – skip: knee drive
  • B – skip: hip rotators
  • AB – skip: combination
  • Stick steppers: combination helps with striders

Takeaways: corrects form.

Lateral running

  • Helps hip position and hip flexors
  • Focuses on bringing your knees up and opening your stride
  • Works other muscles that you don’t normally engage when running
  • Helps with stability, which assists with smoother movement overall

Takeaways: helps with stability and fixes/opens stride.

Interval running

  • Delivers a greater stimulus to your heart, lungs and muscles.
  • Increases overall running fitness and speed.
  • Great for dropping time on your mile pace or provides a better kick at the end of a long race.

Takeaways: interval training in the therapy pool allows you to correct form and improve speed without completely tiring yourself out.

~ Article provided by Casey Bleistine, coach and Team USA triathlete, from Swim Smart at NL Aquatics.

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