Fitness Pools for Senior Health – the Ultimate Tool?

Benefits of hydrotherapy at Kiltipper Woods

Kiltipper Woods Care Centre located in Dublin, Ireland was established in 2004 and offers the benefits of hydrotherapy. An award-winning center, it provides 24-hour nursing care to their residents as well as rehabilitation and residential accommodation.

kiltipper woods care center 1000T pools for senior health

Their rehabilitation unit consists of a large physiotherapy department and SwimEx 1000 T hydrotherapy pool. All hydrotherapy and exercise programs are conducted by highly skilled chartered physiotherapists. SwimEx installed a state-of-the-art integrated treadmill into this pool for even more exercise and rehabilitation possibilities. With the addition of the SwimEx pool and underwater treadmill, this leading facility can now offer the best in care for treating a variety of health conditions.


For Senior Living

Everything you need to run a successful hydrotherapy program

The Village of Bedford Walk in Columbia, MO is a senior living community that keeps residents healthy through carefully designed programs, activities, and state-of-the-art facilities. It is a 55 and older adult living environment that uses a fitness pool and plunge pool to keep residents active and healthy.

bedford walk pools for senior health

Designed to provide preventative wellness services, in partnership with the University of Missouri Health’s Sinclair School of Nursing, the Village of Bedford Walk offers a unique registered nurse care coordination model to reinvigorate quality of life.

bedford walk pools for senior health

As part of the independent living environment, residents have planned individualized activities based on a personalized wellness profile prepared with the help of a registered nurse. These personalized routines are carried out at the Wellness Center under close supervision and revised every six months. This is a community where residents experience the difference a healthy mind, body and spirit can make.

The Village of Bedford Walk features a hydrotherapy room with a SwimEx hydrotherapy pool and a SwimEx hot plunge pool. The SwimEx 1000 T aquatic pool is the largest, most versatile fitness and therapy pool in the SwimEx professional line of pools. The advanced SwimEx water current is positioned on one side of the pool. It is wide enough for side-by-side swimming or resistance workouts. On the other side of the pool, there is still water. This area provides ample space for aquatic therapy, exercise workouts and group classes.

bedford walk pools for senior health

Warm water works wonders on sore limbs and joints. It reduces pain, swelling, and facilitates muscle recovery. The beauty of SwimEx hot plunge pools are their insulated fiberglass shells. They keep consistent temperatures with minimal maintenance and lower heating costs.


Medicare & Billing for Hydrotherapists

The key to senior health is a hydrotherapy pool

When the residents of Plymouth Place Senior Living in La Grange Park, IL choose an activity, they hit the water. Exercising, therapy, and fun for senior health is easy in their state-of-the-art hydrotherapy pool, keeping them healthy and happy.

plymouth place pools for senior health

“I have always enjoyed being in a pool,” said resident Karen Nordquist. “Although I am not a strong swimmer, I like spending my time in the pool swimming laps or in aquatics class. It’s a great, all around form of exercise.”

Plymouth Place has been a local landmark for more than 70 years. They offer comprehensive life care and a full continuum of retirement living. Built specifically for therapy and exercise, their SwimEx 1000 T pool creates a big impact in a small footprint. The interior pool layout has separate stations that feature a water current for swimming or exercise, a deep well and plenty of space for group classes.

“It’s a perfectly-sized pool that accommodates lap swimmers without taking up a lot of space,” said Camilla Saban, wellness coordinator and personal trainer. “The water current offers adjustable settings that I can easily program from one session to the next. I can always find just the right setting to challenge residents of any ability.”

More than just exercise

In Plymouth Place’s Aqua Fit classes, residents work on cardio, strength, balance and endurance, using the water to maximize relaxation and stability. They have an in-house aquatic physical therapy program and use the pool for private therapy sessions with residents as well as community members. There is also a separate men’s class where participants dance, sing, and play basketball.   

plymouth place senior aquatic exercise

“We found the men enjoyed different activities and music while in the water so we made a separate program for them,” said Saban. “We like to keep things moving.”

Resident Frank Balow, 76, takes the class to increase his strength and finds the resistance of the water current helps him with balance. “We have fun playing basketball. We laugh and talk the whole time and all the while we’re getting our exercise,” he said.

~ Authored by Liz Lecomte

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