Mercy Sports Medicine Center – Peak Hydrotherapy Benefits

Mercyhealth Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center in Janesville, WI, uses aquatic exercise and therapy to successfully achieve hydrotherapy benefits.

Most common injuries must heal completely before returning to a work-out routine and/or normal use. But letting injuries heal can often mean inactivity. If an athlete needs to stay active and in shape during rehabilitation, hydrotherapy lets them do just that.

The properties of water are the key that help athletes exercise as they heal. The buoyancy of water creates a non-weight bearing environment. Therefore, they can exercise with less stress on joints and muscles.  In addition, hydrostatic pressure supports muscles during exercise. This support minimizes pain and gives them the confidence to continue treatments.

Mercy uses a SwimEx 500 T. The pool gets a lot of use by Mercy physical therapists and their patients. The clinic’s physical therapy supervisor Pam Schubring said she and her fellow PTs help athletes and other orthopedic patients recover from injuries. They’ve also been pleasantly surprised at how much the SwimEx helps patients recovering from strokes.

“It really helps with their balance rehabilitation,” Pam said. “We have them walk the length of the pool, and we work on their gait pattern. Then we use the current to challenge them a bit. Being in the water helps them get over their fear of falling.”

Watch the video about Mercy Sports Medicine’s programs and hydrotherapy pool:

~ Authored by Liz Lecomte

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