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Aquatic therapy can revolutionize how athletes train, condition, recover, and rehabilitate. But, what is aquatic therapy? What are its benefits and how can you create a successful hydrotherapy space?

aquatic therapy

Top Uses for Water Therapy

  1. Rehabilitate following injury
  2. Train and Condition
  3. Recover muscles before and after practice


  1. Minimize joint stress
  2. Minimize muscle soreness, pain and recovery time
  3. Implement exercise protocols sooner in the water than on land
  4. Continue training and conditioning during recovery
  5. Achieve faster recovery times

Now that you know what aquatic therapy is and the benefits it can achieve, you will want to begin planning how to implement a water therapy program at your own athletic training facility.

aquatic therapy roomAquatic Therapy Room Basics

An aquatic therapy room is a dedicated space for hydrotherapy equipment. This space can include whirlpools, plunge pools, water current therapy pools, or full-sized swimming pools.

Pools with a water current are ideal for any aquatic therapy space. They pack a big punch of function into a small footprint.  The water current creates a versatile pool where athletes can achieve a full body workout, swim, run, rehabilitate, and achieve overall fitness and conditioning without any additional pool equipment. A water current pool, such as a SwimEx, can be programmed for intensive workouts that will challenge the strongest athlete or can be gentle enough for acute injury protocols that target specific muscles and joints.  Adding water therapy equipment like aqua bikes and underwater treadmills can be incorporated for more flexibility.  Some current pools even come with integrated treadmills built right into the pool.

When it comes to planning your space, there are a variety of product options that offer different rehab and training outcomes. It’s important to plan out your goals and expected outcomes ahead of time so you can get your athletes back on the field as fast as possible.

The process for designing and planning a hydrotherapy room can be overwhelming, but luckily we have created a free guide to help you out. You (and your athletes) will thank us later!

aquatic therapy

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