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The YMCA Healthy Living Center in Clive, Iowa, is a leader in health and wellness, providing medically integrated programs in a unique healing environment. The center, which serves over 66,000 members, uses a SwimEx 1000T aquatic therapy pool to provide a wide array of therapy options for patients.

According to Medical Director Trina Radske-Suchan, “seeing the results from YMCA patients using the SwimEx pool has been a great motivator for my staff to keep doing what they are doing.”

Since the pool’s installation, the medical team is encouraged by the progress of their patients. Radske-Suchan says many have seen big improvements in overall health.  “We have a cancer patient who was using a walker and very frail after treatment. She is uses the pool three to five times a week with the goal of getting stronger. We devised an independent water program she can continue on her own. She is working to build strength and flexibility.”

The large 1000T offers therapists the option to offer multi-patient therapy and group classes. The integrated motorized treadmill, combined with the advanced water current, provides great flexibility for personalizing workout and therapy sessions.

Here’s more of what the YMCA has to say about their aquatics program.

For many years, physical therapists have seen the benefits of aquatic therapy. As well as treating patients with orthopedic injuries and chronic pain, aquatic physical therapy is also an effective treatment for post-surgical patients, neurological patients, post-partum patients, cancer patients suffering from painful joints and muscles and athlete rehabilitation.

“Using the SwimEx pool validates what we are able to do for patients. When we see success stories we can pass it along and be able to empower and motivate others. It has been a learning experience for my staff to see people truly benefit from what they are doing and inspire others,” says Radske-Suchan.

To read more, visit the YMCA Healthy Living Center’s website.

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