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SwimEx aquatic therapy pools are the preferred choice for therapists and sports medicine professionals worldwide. Solid pool construction, superior customer service, adjustable water currents, and the ability to customize each pool sets SwimEx waves above the competition.

The SwimEx Advantage

  1. Full range of sizes, depths and custom designs to meet any treatment objective.
  2. Easy to maintain solid fiberglass construction that lasts for years.
  3. Customized pools and interior layouts.
  4. The world’s most effective and powerful water current technology. Successfully run, swim, workout or rehab against the current.
  5. Independent performance zones progress clients or athletes through all phases of treatment – from acute rehab protocols in non-weight bearing pool zones to aggressive weight-bearing exercises against the current. Accomplish exercises in both horizontal or vertical positions.
  6. Program workouts, treatments, and accurately measure progress and outcomes using the SwimEx EDGE touchscreen monitor.
  7. Maximize pool time by treating multiple clients in the same session.
  8. Superior customer service. Our in-house engineering team assists with design and installation advice. We provide on-site pool training. We have an experienced in-house service team.

aquatic therapy poolsHydrotherapy is a superior treatment tool to recover faster and train harder with less pain and muscle soreness. The basic properties of water – viscosity, hydrostatic pressure, and buoyancy – create an ideal environment for exercise, rehab, and conditioning. Here are just a few outcomes you can expect from this highly effective tool:

Proven SwimEx Therapy Outcomes

  • Recover faster from injury and training
  • Develop muscle strength and endurance
  • Increase range of motion and flexibility
  • Build power, speed and agility
  • Correct posture and alignment
  • Improve balance, coordination, stability, ambulation
  • Reduce muscle pain and spasm
  • Increase neurological stimulation
  • Reduce joint stress and muscle soreness

SwimEx pools are ideal for either new construction or renovation projects. Our pools fit into spaces as small as 200 square feet. Order a one-piece pool or have the pool delivered in sections for tight access. We can easily assemble the pool on site.

All SwimEx pools are built with the advanced fiberglass technique used to construct high performance yachts. The pool shells have a solid balsa wood core sandwiched between layers of resin. As a result, our pools are free-standing and indestructible. They last for years with very little maintenance.  You can install them above ground, below ground, or semi-inground with no added support.

hydrotherapy pools

SwimEx Fiberglass Advantage

  1. Easy to clean and maintain. Fiberglass is impervious to chemicals and damage, even with the highest use.
  2. No liners. This means no liner replacement over time and no need to worry about liner failure. Instead, SwimEx pools have an easy-to-maintain Gelcoat interior finish.custom hydrotherapy pool
  3. Insulated balsa wood core for superior strength and temperature control.
  4. All interior walking surfaces have a non-slip surface for safe movement.
  5. Ability to customize interior layouts for specific treatment objectives. In other words, change benches and stair configurations. Add different depths, lengths, and treadmills.
  6. Design the pool to complement your room or facility design. Choose logo tiles, pool color, waterline tiles, or embed logos into the fiberglass.
  7. Freestanding pool shell offers endless installation possibilities.

Hot and Cold Plunge Pools

SwimEx plunge pools come in four standard sizes or custom design a plunge to meet your specific treatment requirements. Order one up to 7’ deep or 45’ long. All plunge pools come with bottom drains and a Gelcoat interior finish for easy cleaning and maintenance.

plunge pools

Aquatic Therapy Pools

SwimEx water current pools are ideal for complete isokinetic aquatic workouts, training, conditioning and injury rehabilitation. They range in size from 7’6″ to 11’5″ wide and 13’6″ to 22′ long. They offer as much functionality as a full-sized swimming pool yet fit virtually anywhere.

SwimEx combines unsurpassed fiberglass construction with the most highly efficient water currents on the market. Choose between the industry-exclusive paddlewheel or propeller currents. Above all, no matter what current option you pick we guarantee your pool will have the highest performing water flow in the industry.

aquatic therapy exercises

SwimEx Water Current Advantage

  1. SwimEx paddlewheel water current is the only current on the market circulating up to 25,000 gallons of water per minute in a smooth, river-like flow.
  2. The pool-wide paddlewheel current can go as deep as 30”. Exercise, swim, and achieve complete upper body and lower body workouts from anywhere in the pool.
  3. SwimEx propeller water current circulates up to 5,000 gallons per minute. More importantly, this current is more powerful that any other propeller-driven pool.
  4. Adjustable speed water current will accommodate any ability level. In other words, treat clients in acute recovery to competitive athletes.
  5. Program workouts and treatments. Accurately measure progress from one session to the next.
  6. Distinct performance zones for core stabilization, range of motion, seated exercises, open and closed chain exercises, and upper and lower body conditioning. Target different muscular contractions (isometric and eccentric) to achieve multiple treatment plan goals.
  7. Smooth enough to serve as a “second pair of hands” to support patients during treatment.

Whether you work with competitive athletes, elderly clients or in healthcare, SwimEx actively contributes to successful treatment outcomes. Above all, SwimEx offers the best hydrotherapy pool on the market and the best service available in the industry.

aquatic therapy design

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