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The Denver Broncos unveil new upgrades to their UCHealth Training Center in Dove Valley.  Since 2014 the team has spent $45 million in major renovations. Coinciding with the start of training camp, this latest improvement has been a seven-month long $9.5 million project that includes SwimEx hydrotherapy pools.

The renovation is another step towards transforming the training center. Upgrades include 5,400 sq. ft. of new meeting space, 260 extra-large stadium seats, an advanced audio and visual system, and a 2,500 sq. ft. training room expansion with a new hydrotherapy room featuring a SwimEx 1500 T zero-entry pool, 16’ hot plunge pool, and 28’ cold plunge pool.


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The Broncos pools were custom ordered by the team’s director of sports medicine, Steve “Greek” Antonopulos. Built by SwimEx to specifically meet his treatment objectives, the zero-entry lift pool gives injured athletes easy pool access and treatment versatility. All of the pools can accommodate multiple players for successful training and therapy outcomes.

“The Pools are awesome!” says Antonopulos.  “It is great to be able to get 3-4 players in the pool at a time doing their rehab.  The versatility is exactly what we were after when we started this project with SwimEx.  We are so pleased with the design!  The SwimEx team has been incredible to work with.”

hydrotherapy pools

The SwimEx 1500 T, introduced in spring 2018, is the newest in the SwimEx hydrotherapy pools line. It features a 5′ x 5′ zero-entry lift that comes to deck level for easy access and stops at any water depth (between 0″ and 48″) to exercise at variable heights.  The pool also includes a 99-speed water current for enhanced resistance that accurately measures treatment objectives from one session to the next. There is a large still water treatment area, multiple work stations and deep wells.

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“He charged us with designing a zero-entry lift pool that provides easy-access for injured players but also doubles as a multi-depth treatment zone,” says SwimEx engineer Alex Powers who designed the pool along with head engineer Mark Fyrer and field service technician Jim Gagnon. “This pool was something we (SwimEx) had been thinking about for a few years. We were thrilled when Steve’s request provided us with incentive to design and manufacture it.”

hydrotherapy pools

The two SwimEx custom plunge pools are a 16’ hot plunge and 28’ cold plunge.  Warm water reduces pain, swelling, and facilitates muscle recovery. The heating system in the hot plunge brings water temperature up to a therapeutic 104° F (40° c). Cold plunge pools minimize lactic acid build-up to reduce soreness post-practice. The chiller system in the 28’ plunge keeps water temperatures at a therapeutic 50°F (10°c). The insulated fiberglass shell maintains water temperatures, is easy to clean, and results in lower heating and cooling costs.

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“Our goal is to make sure our clients get the exact pool they need to achieve their objectives,” says Suzanne Vaughan, SwimEx president. “Ultimately we work from design through post-construction to exceed our client’s expectations so they can experience superior hydrotherapy results. Our experienced team and our ability to customize our pools helps make that happen. This new zero-entry lift workstation is yet another feature that sets us apart from our competition.”

SwimEx pools are used by professional sports teams, colleges and universities around the world.  Here’s a link to more elite teams who use SwimEx to help them exceed their hydrotherapy goals. Are you looking to add hydrotherapy to your facility? This guide will get you started.

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