Benefits of Aquatic Therapy During Pregnancy

Whether working with competitive athletes, elderly clients, healthcare, or even pets, therapists and sports medicine professionals worldwide have achieved aquatic therapy success with SwimEx pools. Our professional partners understand that aquatic therapy is a superior treatment tool to recover faster and train harder with less pain and muscle soreness. The basic properties of water – viscosity, hydrostatic pressure, and buoyancy – create an ideal environment for exercise, rehab, and conditioning.

These same properties of water make aquatic therapy a healthy choice for pregnant women looking to improve strength and reduce pain. Physical therapist Laura Phillips, from NL Aquatic Center, shares a few ways she uses the SwimEx pool to strengthen clients’ abdominal muscles and improve their functional movement.

Aquatic therapy takes swimming during pregnancy to the next level. The buoyancy of water reduces compression on the spine and joints, and helps strengthen muscles. Lifting, bending, and household chores often increase lower back pain for new moms. Teaching proper body mechanics in a SwimEx pool reduces stress to the lower back, and avoids pain and injury. Hydrostatic pressure also reduces swelling and enhances blood circulation.

SwimEx combines unsurpassed fiberglass construction with the most highly efficient water currents on the market. The SwimEx paddlewheel current is the smoothest, deepest, and widest water current on the market, allowing for different exercises and therapy protocols. Our handcrafted, customized pools provide a close-up view of a swimmer’s form from every conceivable angle – the front, side, back, and even below the surface through underwater windows, underwater cameras, and monitors. Therapists can use the information to instruct, correct, and review their swimmers as they swim.

If you need help planning your ideal hydrotherapy space, download our free guide that includes tools and tips to help you get started.

~ Authored by Kristine Chochrek


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