Hydrotherapy Videos

Browse our collection of hydrotherapy videos, including rehabilitation from injury and surgery, treating health conditions, aquatic exercises, and videos about the benefits of a SwimEx hydrotherapy pool.

Rehab videos

Walking backward on underwater treadmill

Single Leg Balance Progression

Single leg squats

Single leg balance with running arms

Flutter kick progression

Deep water flutter kick

Lateral walking on treadmill

Marching on treadmill

Skip on Treadmill

Single leg step-ups or step-downs

Single leg squats with dumbell

Single leg hop to stabilization

Core rotation progression

Core basketball drill

Core dumbbell press

Banded hip extensions

Jumps to squat and stabilization

Tuck jumps

Knee extension

Jumps with pivot

Achilles tendon early mobility exercises

Achilles tendon weight bearing progression

Achilles tendon rehab incorporating 3DMAPS®

Achilles tendon rehab for early ambulation

Addressing shoulder mobility deficits

Biofeedback to improve shoulder movement

Eccentric strengthening for shoulders

Shoulder exercises using resistance current

Shoulder stability

Running form without current

Running form with current

Running form on angled pad

Rehab success stories

Athlete back rehab success in SwimEx pool

Aqua therapy for spinal injury success story

Hydrotherapy benefits – Sterling Physical Therapy

Hydrotherapy back and balance rehabilitation

Treating health conditions

Hydrotherapy helps CP patient at Seabury Retirement Community

Hydrotherapy exercise videos

Core: stabilization

Core: stability and back extension

Aquatic barbell sit-ups

Aquatic kickboard exercises

Aqua yoga

Tennis workout in a SwimEx resistance pool

Baseball workout in a SwimEx resistance pool

Hockey workout in a SwimEx resistance pool

Group exercise for seniors in SwimEx 1000T pool

Aquatic shoulder and bicep stretch

The SwimEx difference

SwimEx swim spa swimming strokes

Largest SwimEx pool for ultimate hydrotherapy

Zero-entry multi-depth platform SwimEx pool

SwimEx power and performance

Why SwimEx

SwimEx pool workstations


Hydrotherapy Room Design
for Athletes

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