Hydrotherapy Room Project – Q&A with Zahrawi Group

Zahrawi Group has a passion for better healthcare solutions. As a leading medical supply company, their customers include hospitals, diagnostic and clinical labs, clinics, universities, and research centers.

The SwimEx team recently had the opportunity to work with the Zahrawi Group on the purchase and installation of a SwimEx 1000 T pool for the Seniors’ Happiness Centre Mamzar – DHA in Dubai. We spoke with the team about the project and how Senior Happiness Centre clients are using the pool.

Q:  How did you come about choosing SwimEx for the Seniors’ Happiness Centre project?

A: Our group takes pride in delivering the highest quality products to our customers. We found  SwimEx as the best solution for our needs. SwimEx pools are known for great quality. For the project, we also partnered with Dr. Salwa Al Suwaidi, Geriatrician and Director of the Seniors’ Happiness Centre.

Q: How would you describe your overall experience working with SwimEx?

A: We were impressed with their responsiveness and their technical support. We take great pride in our partnerships. Like Zahrawi Group, SwimEx has high standards and operates with integrity.

Q: How was the installation process?

A: Engineers from SwimEx and Zahrawi Group worked together on the installation. We had amazing support from the SwimEx team to finish the installation successfully.

Q: Can you share your experience working with a US manufacturer while you are in Dubai?

A: It was a great experience. We have nothing but positive feedback on the project. The different locations did not pose any issues.

Q: Are there many facilities in Dubai that offer hydrotherapy? What makes this center unique?

A: There are a few facilities that offer hydrotherapy, but the Seniors’ Happiness Centre is unique because it caters specifically to the elderly population.

Q: How are they using the pool? What are the most common diagnoses they are treating?

A: The pool is often used to treat a more general deconditioning of the whole body. The pool is also used for patients who are experiencing low back pain, hip and knee arthritis, and other common health issues.

Q: Are there functions of the pool being used the most? 

A: The smooth resistance of the paddlewheel current is the most beneficial. The water resistance can easily be adjusted, so it can be used for almost all patients. The resistant current is used for swimming, walking, and exercise routines.

Q: Do you have any success stories you can share?

A: Yes! There has been great success with a 70-year-old diagnosed with LBP with left-side sciatica. He was unable to stand and walk for prolonged periods and he struggled with generalized body weakness.

After 10 sessions, the patient is already walking independently with a cane. He can do most exercises at the pool for prolonged periods with only residual problems of pain and tenderness on his left leg and foot.

Q: Would you recommend SwimEx to other hospitals and senior living centers?

A: Yes, definitely. SwimEx met all of our expectations when it comes to design, function, and quality. We enjoyed working with the team.


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