Rehab Hospital Uses Hydrotherapy for Successful Patient Recovery

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Charlestown, MA is one of the top 50 hospitals in the US, and is ranked #3 rehab hospital in the nation, according to the 2022-23 US News and World Report America’s Best Hospitals review. Take a look at their hydrotherapy room which is as beautiful as it is functional, and features a SwimEx 600 T pool.

spaulding rehab hospital hydrotherapy pool

This world-renowned rehab hospital has the most powerful aquatic therapy machine in the SwimEx line-up. The 600T has extreme versatility. It features eight distinct performance zones, including angled plyo pads, open/closed chain kinetic exercise benches, and an angled platform for aquatic running. Six tethering ports lock in for non weight-bearing protocols. Physical therapists can gradually increase weight-bearing activities for progressive strength training and rehabilitation programs.

Spaulding’s SwimEx pool has a deep well, bringing the pool depth to 72 inches (183cm). This serves as an ideal aquatic rehab area for total non-weight-bearing rehab applications in both therapeutic and conditioning environments.

~ Authored by Liz Lecomte

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