South Jersey Swim Program Excels with SwimEx

The South Jersey Aquatic Club (SJAC) at NL Aquatic Center has achieved national success with its competitive swim program. Many swimmers have gone on to achieve superb high school, collegiate, and even Olympic careers. Peter Holcroft, owner and program director, cites their facilities for much of the program’s success.

Our facility is a major reason why we can teach, train, and excel in proficiency and efficiency,” Holcroft said. “We use a SwimEx 600 T pool as part of our Swim Smart system. It’s literally feet away from our main pool, which makes us unique among swim programs nationwide.”

The coaching culture at SJAC focuses on the growth of the individual in and out of the water. It is the foundation for their success. And it’s their stroke analysis using the SwimEx that gives SJAC an edge over other swim programs.

Stroke analysis

Holcroft said that one of the advantages he has as a senior coach for SJAC is the ability to spot a stroke issue during practice, pull the swimmer from the big pool and get them in the SwimEx for stroke analysis. Using multiple cameras, it’s quite easy to identify stroke issues and specify opportunities for improvement.

“It’s one thing to tell a swimmer how they could do something better, but it’s a whole other level of improvement possibilities when I can film the issue for the swimmer and have them watch the video,” Holcroft said. “Together we discuss improvements and then film again and again until we are spot on with the correction. The pool’s adjustable speed allows me to show specific improvement points to the swimmer so they can feel and measure the difference.”

Open water swim training

In addition to swim programs for all ages, NL Aquatic Center is home to several triathlete groups who train for long distance open water swimming. The SwimEx system is ideal for open water training because it simulates the water resistance swimmers experience with moving tides and wind.

Facilities Director Kristen Holcroft said it’s great for swimmers making the transition to open water. “Swimming against a current can be a little unnerving, and the SwimEx allows triathletes to experience that in a safe and protected environment. It’s a must for new triathletes,” she said.

Versatile addition to swim facility

The NL Aquatic Center also uses the SwimEx for lessons, physical therapy, resistance training for professional athletes in the off-season, and lessons for a variety of swim levels. With 99 water current settings, the pool can accommodate swimmers at all ability levels, from beginners to their most competitive swimmers.

~ Authored by Lou Petto, Director of Athletic Development at South Jersey Aquatic Club. For more information, visit Swim Smart – NL Aquatic Center.

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