SwimEx v. Other Hydrotherapy Pools


Hospitals and physical therapy centers consistently choose SwimEx over the competition for its versatility and smooth current. Compare our SwimEx pool with other hydrotherapy pools using the table below. You’ll see why therapists, assisted living centers and rehabilitation centers around the world choose SwimEx.


There’s a reason sports teams around the world rely on SwimEx for conditioning and injury rehabilitation. Even the greatest sports rivals in history – the Red Sox and the Yankees – have something in common. Both use a SwimEx pool! Compare other hydrotherapy pools vs. SwimEx pools using the table below.


Features SwimEx Pools Other Pools
Wide & deep current – smooth laminar flow Yes No
Current flow acts like 2nd pair of hands to improve core and trunk stability/balance Yes No
Ability to challenge elite and competitive athletes through swimming Yes No
Workstations for closed chain & plyometric exercises Yes Some
Deep water running against a wall of water Yes No
Motorized Integrated Treadmill Yes (optional) Some
Water Speed Up to 25,000 gpm (94, 635 lpm) Some: 1,000 gpm (3,780 lpm)-5000 gpm (18,927 lpm)
Ability to measure and repeat water flow Yes
99 Adjustable Water Speed Settings
Monitor, measure, and repeat treadmill speed Yes
(Industry exclusive EDGE Monitor)
Variable Water Depths Yes Yes
 Construction Structural fiberglass w/ insulated balsa core and maintenance-free Gelcoat No
Free standing, self supporting Yes Some
Industrial grade high performance motor Yes No
Multiple Section and One Piece Models Yes Yes
Entrance Steps Yes Yes
Warranties 10 yr structural / 5 yr surface, 1 yr motor Some