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The National Hockey League is in full swing as the season hits the half-way point. These NHL teams use aquatics therapy throughout the season to train, rehabilitate and condition their players to stay in the game and win.

Why Use Aquatics Therapy

Hydrotherapy is a low impact tool that yields high impact results. Here are four reasons it is an ideal tool:

  • Water creates a safe environment where athletes achieve intense workouts without risking injury.
  • Athletes recover faster with following an injury.
  • Rehab treatment plans can be implemented before land therapy protocols for earlier injury intervention.
  • Aquatic therapy keeps athletes conditioned as they recover so they are ready to play as soon as they are back in the game.

Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks are one of the most historic hockey franchises in the National Hockey League. They have won six Stanley Cup championships since their founding in 1926. One of the original six teams, they won the Stanley Cup in 2010, 2013, and 2015.

They use a SwimEx cold plunge pool and hot plunge pool for their rehab and recovery.  Athletic trainers use hot and cold plunges to achieve specific treatment outcomes. Cold plunges reduce muscle inflammation by decreasing lactic acid build up. When used post exercise, athletes gain the beneficial effects of working out with less pain and muscle soreness.  Hot plunge pools can be used before working out to increase blood flow, flexibility and loosen muscles. Increased flexibility leads to less muscle strain and more productive exercise sessions or rehabilitation.

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Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay Lightning have been one of the most consistent hockey teams in the last few years, making the playoffs four out of the last five years. In 2004 the Lightning won the Stanley Cup. Tampa Bay Lightning spent $6 million renovating a new expanded practice facility. SwimEx pools are a featured component.

aqua therapy

The Lightning use a SwimEx 600 T series pool, small hot plunge pool, and small custom plunge pool for their aquatic therapy needs.  The 600 T DW aquatics therapy pool has a powerful water current with 99 adjustable speeds and a deep-water running well designed for total non-weight bearing rehabilitation and conditioning applications for more aggressive therapy. This aquatic machine also features eight distinct easy-to-identify performance zones and tethering ports to lock in during non-weight bearing protocols and a running platform.

New York Rangers

The New York Rangers, another historic original six franchise, were founded in 1926. They play at the famous Madison Square Garden and are four time Stanley Cup Champions.  The Rangers use hot and cold custom plunge pools. They ordered their SwimEx cold plunge without benches and hot plunge with benches.  SwimEx pools and plunge pools can be customized to fit specific treatment needs and space requirements.

Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens are another original six franchise with the most Stanley Cups in league history, totaling 24 wins. The Canadiens use a SwimEx 800T that has an overall depth of 66 inches (167.6cm).  This dynamic pool is customized with workstations for superior performance. This pool is a versatile and powerful aquatic machine where players benefit from a shallow rehabilitation area, deep water exercise area and six work stations.  In addition to the pool, the team has hot and cold plunge pools for the ultimate recovery and revitalization environment.

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Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators, founded in 1992, have had very successful seasons with deep runs into the playoffs. In 2007 they played in the Stanley Cup Finals and just fell short of the victory.

The Senators use a SwimEx 500 T aquatics therapy pool with a deep well and integrated treadmill. Water running is a great way to workout and rehabilitate with less pain, more resistance, and minimal stress. They also have a hot and cold plunge pool.

From upper body exercises, running, conditioning, and sports specific drills, there is no limit to what can be accomplished in the pool.  This ultimate training and recovery tool is a win win for the athlete and the team.


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